Monday, May 04, 2009

The Daily Newds 5/4/09

(photo courtesy of Gary and Brenda from Bucks County, Pennsylvania)
  • Full frontal nudity and expressions of sexuality have become the norm on Europe's opera stages.
  • I wish society would be as understanding of sexting teens as it is with this 17 year-old Australian girl who has won the right in court to have her breasts removed so she can be more like a boy. Another story is here.
  • 90% of Australian women are reported to have "fat days", and most are miserable about their bodies.
  • Idiot columnist Tony Gabriele perpetuates nudist myths with smug humor and general cluelessness.
  • Danish researchers have found that European girls are reaching puberty at an average age of 9.86 years, further proving that society is doing teens a great disservice by treating teens like toddlers when it comes to matters of sexuality. With the age of consent set at 18, that ensures that kids will experience a full eight years of angst and frustration.
  • Singer Kimberley Walsh, in a recent interview, says that she does not have to be naked to be sexy. "If you've got a silhouette, that can be sexier than having your actual boobs or legs out." Further evidence that clothing is actually more titillating than the nude body.
  • When it's tough getting naked in the Keys, that's a headline.

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