Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Going Natural Fall 2009 Issue Available as Digital Edition

The Fall 2009 issue of Going Natural/Au Naturel magazine from the Federation of Canadian Naturists is now available as a digital online edition here, as well as a paper issue here.

This issue has a beautiful photo essay "Breastfeeding as Naturism", with text by Paul Rapoport and others. As Dr. Rapoport notes, pregnant naturists are not often seen, and these joyous images celebrate humanity at its most natural, a direct answer to Facebook's irrational and unhealthy banning of all images of breastfeeding mothers where the nipple or too much of the breast was visible.

Going Natural is highly recommended, not only because it emphasizes the importance of all ages in the naturist lifestyle, but it also embraces events like the World Naked Bike Ride as part of the whole body freedom movement.

One complaint. On page 13 there is an ad for, which I have previously written about as being among the worst of the naturist world. In my opinion, this web site focuses much too heavily on images of nude children, and while the photos are not pornographic, the sale and distribution of these photos and videos is pure exploitation.

Lee Baxandall said it best in 1987 when he wrote to notorious nudist photographer Ed Lange:
Peenhill's other publication, Jeunes et naturelles, appeals primarily to pedophiles, and encourages them to feel welcome in nudist/naturist circles. Its appeal to legitimate, family-oriented naturists is nil, as it rarely shows family activities or parents. The whole point consists of posed full-frontal photo sequences of pubescents. Young and Naked is your own title with strong appeal to the pedophiles.
I fully understand that the mere acceptance of advertising is not an endorsement; however, in the case of, it's probably best for naturists to disassociate themselves from those who peddle photos of nude children for money.


Anonymous said...

I think this is the wave of the future. I agree with your comment about Enature.

pammie said...

I don't understand the big to-do about breastfeeding in public. In the 1980s, I openly breastfed my kids and no one thought anything of it.