Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Most Popular Nudist and Naturist Sites on the Internet 2/8/11

Time to update the statistics for popular nudist and naturist websites. All data can be easily obtained on Alexa. Statistics valid as of 2/8/11 only.

Please note that I have filtered out all the web sites out there which call themselves "nudist" but are actually picture peddlers, many selling images of nude children. These parasitic sites contain no useful nudist information, in my opinion. The only pay site that I decided to include in my list is Clothes Free International, because although they charge for access to photos and videos, their forum is free and is about the best one on the Internet, and the folks there present what I consider to be a positive image of nudism.

Most websites outside North America are also excluded since no US ranking is available from Alexa.

I have also decided to include some social networking sites, even though they are not necessarily family-friendly and present somewhat of a meat-market image. While not ideal, a lot of AANR and TNS members have profiles on those sites and exchange useful information.

A few high-ranking resorts are also on my list, including a couple which recently lost their AANR charters, just to show how well they do compared to traditional nudist venues.

Gone from my previous list is Skinbook (out of business), Black's Beach Bares (no longer online), International Nudist (no longer online), The Naturist Journal (not updated for over two years), and Cheef's (no longer online). New additions include Lake Como, Young Naturists and Nudists America, and i-naked.info. Even though i-naked.info is based in the UK, it has a relatively high US rank.

So where do people get nudist information on the Internet? In the following list, the first number is Alexa's rank for traffic in the United States, and the up and down percentages reflect a three month trend for the number of pageviews.

  1. True Nudists - 51,679, pageviews Down 6%, previous rank 4
  2. Clothes Free International - 56,135, pageviews Up 91%, previous rank 1
  3. Diary of a Nudist - 78,824, pageviews Down 2%, previous rank 6
  4. NudistFriends.com - 92,778, pageviews Up 9%, previous rank 5
  5. AANR - 137,978, pageviews Down 37%, previous rank 12
  6. Nudist Clubhouse - 170,062, pageviews Up 23%, previous rank 3
  7. Young Naturists & Nudists America - 189,975, pageviews Up 130%, previous rank N/A
  8. Caliente Resorts - 191,254, pageviews Up 37%, previous rank 10
  9. Net Nude - 238,617, pageviews Down 5%, previous rank 7
  10. The Naturist Society - 248,250, Up 30%, previous rank 17
  11. Nudist-Resorts.org - 260,891, pageviews Down 44%, previous rank 2
  12. Sunsport Gardens - 267,573, pageviews Up 10%, previous rank 9
  13. The Terra Cotta Inn - 335,092, pageviews data N/A, previous rank 13
  14. World Naked Bike Ride - 347,362, pageviews Down 25%, previous rank 8
  15. i-naked.info - 357,708, pageviews data N/A, previous rank N/A
  16. Lake Como - 444,289, pageviews data N/A, previous rank N/A
  17. All Nudist - 447,261, pageviews data N/A, previous rank 19
  18. Paradise Lakes Resort - 467,424, pageviews data N/A, previous rank 18
  19. The Academic Naturist - 474,157, pageviews data N/A, previous rank 32
  20. South Florida Free Beaches - 501,343, Down 7%, previous rank 27
  21. Body Freedom Collaborative - 602,511, pageviews data N/A, previous rank 22
  22. Naturist Action Committee - 621,761, pageviews data N/A, previous rank 28
  23. Topfree Equal Rights Association - 620,541, pageviews data N/A, previous rank 14
  24. Terra Cotta Inn Blog - 704,475, pageviews data N/A, previous rank 26
  25. Cypress Cove Nudist Resort - US Rank N/A, previous rank 15
  26. Nudist Explorer - US Rank N/A, previous rank 20
  27. Naturist Christians - US Rank N/A, previous rank 21
  28. Nudist Day - US Rank N/A, previous rank 24
  29. USA Nudist - US Rank N/A, previous rank 25
  30. Nude Hiking and Soaking in the Pacific Northwest - US Rank N/A, previous rank 31
  31. West Penn Naturist - US Rank N/A, previous rank 33
Some sites have such low traffic that they are not listed, such as Florida Young Naturists, Bare Oaks Blog, Lupin Lodge, MojoNude, and Heroic Nudist. Other sites such as Living Nude on Tiger Mountain and Sunny Day are incorporated into larger websites, so traffic stats are not available.

The last seven listed are essentially tied since they do not register a US ranking on Alexa. It's surprising that they have weakened so much in the last year in terms of traffic. Another point of interest is the strength of #1 True Nudists, which has apparently benefited from the demise of Skinbook.

Please let me know if you think that any sites were overlooked and I will consider adding them to the list.


Anna said...


Nudiarist said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but that site doesn't get enough traffic to generate stats...

Rick said...

Thanks for posting this. It's interesting to see what nudist sites are popular. There are a lot of good sites and blogs that don't generate enough traffic to generate enough stats.

I probably need to update the links on my blog. which you mentioned but didn't make the list. My blog is hosted with other pages so the stats wouldn't be very accurate anyway.

Anna said...


Nudiarist said...

Thanks for the suggestion, but stats for that site cannot be determined, either. It's not likely that it is in the same traffic category as the ones I've already listed.

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for these stats. I never knew till today how well received i-Naked.info was, especially in the USA. It goes to show that the hard work has paid off.

Mike said...


Nudiarist said...

Hi Mike, all fine sites but no traffic data for the US is available on Alexa...they just don't get enough visitors.