Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated"

Thanks to all of you who posted public comments, and to those who took the time to contact me personally. In a nutshell, I feel that this blog has run its course, for a variety of reasons both personal and practical. It was never my intention to disappear from the naturist world, but to make contributions in different ways.

But due to the many words of encouragement, which have been quite overwhelming and 100% positive, I have decided to remain online by making a fresh start. On The Political Naturist, I will continue to voice my opinion on matters relating to social nudism and naturism.

People seem to have mixed opinions about photos. I think that images of nudism and naturism are important in helping to show people how natural and fun the lifestyle will be, so I have created two new blogs. Adam and Eve will be a collection of photos of nudist couples, and Nudist Photo of the Day and Nudist Men are self-explanatory.

The Naturism Blog is conceived as a central source for all nudist and naturist blogs, and will certainly evolve over time.

So again, many thanks to all for the tremendous support, any blogging effort is pointless without an enthusiastic audience.


Rick said...

I'm glad your back and my "obit" was a bit premature. Your post sounded rather final and, apparently, not the only one who read it that way.

You've taken a lot of flak for some of your postings and for the issues you see as affecting nudism but someone needs to address them. From the hits you took on FB, it appears that many in the naturist world aren't willing to dicuss them just yet.

I'm looking forward to reading The Political Naturist and am eagerly waiting to see how The Naturism Blog evolves.

Thanks for being a voice.

Nudiarist said...

Rick, Thanks for the kind words. Your assessment of the situation of FB is not entirely accurate. Yes, a couple of people were jerks in their responses, but I did gain the support and respect of some people who really matter to me. TNS somehow has this aversion to the Internet, which began with Lee Baxandall in the early days of cyberspace, but so many things have changed since then it's sheer lunacy not to take better advantage of the medium. Take Barack Obama as the prime example - he would probably not have won the primaries, and then the Presidency itself, without harnessing the power of the Internet.

Anonymous said...

How long have you two been married? Congradulations on spending your wedding anniversary at Eastover!

Nudiarist said...

You have me confused with AcadNaturist and NaturistGirl, who are tweeting from Eastover...

Academic Naturist said...

@Anonymous -- we're actually not married yet. It's an anniversary from when we became a couple, which was almost 6 years ago.