Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The End of Skinbook??

Yesterday the administrators at NING dropped a bombshell by banning "nudity of any kind" in order to create a "clean" environment, thus effectively neutering Skinbook and other social networks for nudists and naturists founded on the NING platform.

Was it the worldwide publicity for Skinbook recently which prompted this radical censorship? While I am not a fan of Skinbook for various reasons, this vague and Puritanical ban on nudity is disturbing. Who is going to decide what is appropriate of not? How will this "nudity of any kind" be defined? Will male nipples be allowed? What about buttocks, or buttock cleavage? How much of the female breast is acceptable to expose? And what about bare feet? Isn't that "nudity" of a sort?

So thousands of online nudists who are on NING social networks are scrambling around trying to deal with this situation. This chaotic situation clearly opens a door for AANR to establish its own online social network for its members.

This is what happens when the national organizations abdicate their online responsibilities to third parties like Skinbook, which exist merely as a result of the void left by AANR, TNS, and others who have failed to establish an effective online presence for their members. Well, that void is wide open again. Time will tell who will fill it this time.