Monday, September 26, 2005

Genitally Speaking

So how many friends, family and acquaintances do you have? And how many of them have you seen naked? I mean full-blown genital naked. Probably a small percentage. I've been taking stock of my own personal parade of people, in light of the fact that I have been completely nude for days now. I'm not going to keep track of the calendar count, let's just ssay that I'm naked to stay, this is the new norm...

Anyway, back to counting genital sightings. When I was a kid, I probably saw all my friends naked, whether peeing together (it was always a contest to see who could pee the longest), swimming naked at the Y, or changing clothes at summer camp. The genitals were no big deal.

In high school, we were naked in the locker room and shower, I remember freshman year taking stock of the guys who still had no pubic hair, by senior year everyone was hairy enough. Again, no big deal, it was social nudism without the label.

After high school is when things began to change, at least as far as I was concerned. At college I was in a dorm that had 2 floors of women and one floor of men. The coed situation completely stifled nudity, we were all very careful to wrap a towel around our waists, ot at least wear underwear when wandering the halls. There was no social nudism until..streaking! Yes, in 1974 the craze was in full bloom, and one warm Spring evening the urge to strip overcame about 50 guys and about 4 girls who managed to run around for about 10 minutes in the buff. I did not participate, even though I really wanted to, I tend to blame this on a Catholic upbringing that taught me that exposing the private parts in mixed company was verboten.

The streaking incidents continued that semester, but never en masse as that evening. I promised myself that I would run naked the next time there was a group event, but that never happened, and I kept my pants on.

Then comes work after college, no social nudity there. Then marriage, and children, and parties, and family, and friends, and doing everything according to the social mores. No genital viewings outside the marriage bed.

Certainly part of this is due to my own experiences, but undoubtedly this is also due to a narrowing of society's acceptance of social nudity, no more swinning at the Y without a suit, no more skinny dipping in the neighborhood pond. It is perfectly understandable why there is such a strong movement for nudism blossoming in America, because being nude is the natural state of a human being, and living a life completely clothed all the time is unnatural, unhealthy and incredibly puritanical.

Anyway, I ramble. If you are reading this, take off your clothes and leave them off, it's very liberating, and once you spend some time nude you will seriously wonder why you didn't take it all of a long time ago. And don't be afraid of your genitals, everyone has them...

Saturday, September 24, 2005


About 40 years ago, I lived near a YMCA and my friends and I would go to the pool on a weekly basis. Since it was only for men and boys, everybody swam naked. No matter how hard I try and think back on those days, I cannot remember one time whan any one of us was ashamed, or modest, or even aware that being nude was unusual at all. Society certainly has changed, public nudity ouside of a very few select places in the United States will get you arrested.

Swimming at the YMCA was a time of youthful joy. We would walk in, show our membership cards, throw our clothes in a locker and jump in the pool. No towels, no trouble, no cares, no bathing suits. We would just drip day and get back into our clothes a bit on the damp side, at worst smelling of chlorine but certainly not corrupted or even remotely harmed by the sight of each others penises and buttocks.

Today, in order to swim naked, one has to travel to a designated nude beach or join a "nudist club". How utterly twisted is that? Has society really sunk to such a point that the mere sight of an unclothed human body is a cause for alarm and legalities? It's perfectly acceptable to have nudity in movies, nudity in the home, nudity in magazines, nudity on cable television, etc., but a one second flash of Janet Jackson's breast is suddenly the end of civilization and we are all going to Hell.

No wonder that there is a growing nudist movement, a push for body acceptance and topfree equality. Millions of people are beginning to realize that the century old invention of the swimsuit was a stupid idea, that people are not meant to swim with wet garments sticking to their skin, or to sunbathe with strategically placed straps of fabric to cover nipples and genitals.

What is American society afraid of? Why have we become so hung up on the basic parts of the human body, parts that are shared by all of humankind? We all know what's under the bathing suits, yet we are not allowed to see.

Take off all of your clothes RIGHT NOW, get naked and stay naked, and once you do it you will find that clothes to not "make" the person, they merely cover up the true self.

Friday, September 23, 2005

The Nudeness Continues

I'm still naked. Been naked for about 3 days now and am convinced that this is the way to live. Those of you who are out there reading this should take off all of your clothes RIGHT NOW and claim freedom from textiles.

Today I went out for lunch (with my clothes on), and when I came back I thought about keeping them on, but it only took about six seconds of contemplation before I stripped down. I immediately felt so much better, clothes are beginning to feel strange and cumbersome, and nudity is starting to feel the norm. I just hope that if the doorbell rings I don't forget myself and open the door stark naked.

The dilemma that I am having with my wife has been making positive progress. Although she has declared that her becoming a nudist will "never happen" and that she "likes wearing clothes", she stripped down last night to cuddle with me in front of the TV and remained nude all evening. We took photos of each other and set up the timer to take some shots of us together. Since we are 51 and 46 years of age we have far from perfect bodies, but we had a good laugh looking at the pictures, and somehow the one shot of us with our arms around each other, completely nude and smiling, is one of the nicest pictures we have of us together.

But today she was clothed again and I am nude. On the first day she told me at one point that this was all a little "weird", that perhaps this was a stepping stone to something deviant, but now I thing that she is getting used to having a nudist in the house, and when I kiss her and tell her that I love her, everything seems quite normal and healthy. She did state unconditionally that if Spencer Tunick ever did a group nude near us that she would do it, no reservations. Me thinks there is a nudist hiding inside her somewhere, and the coaxing must be gentle, subtle and slow.

So, where to go from here? My goal is to attend a social nudist event soon, and hopefully I will convince my wife to come along, preferably a swim. I have sent several e-mail inquiries to a couple of local groups, but have yet to receive an answer. I have also contacted AANR and told them that I was having some difficulty communicating with one local group that is listed on their registed. I will let you know how that goes.

One day at a time, the adventure continues...

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The First Post

I have been a closet nudist all of my life. I suspect, at least in some ways, you are too. Turning 51 recently has put me through something akin to a mid-life crisis, although I am probably past the middle of my life, and I have been doing a self-examination so that I can try and make the remaining years fruitful and fun.

As this diary progresses, I will be both relating my current experiences with nudism, and occasionally recalling the past. I have read a lot of articles on the Internet written by nudists, many recalling the first time experiencing social nudism, and many others praising the lifestyle and encouraging others to take the plunge. This diary starts today, at the beginning of my experience, and I will write about everything that happens to me from now until whenever.

The urge to be naked has been with me all of my life, yet I have supressed it in the last decade or so, even to the point of closing the door when I take a shower. Well, the kids are gone and it's just my wife and me now. Perhaps it was modesty, or false shame, or even poor body image issues that have caused me to suppress by nudism, but the time has come to change.

I remember many times in my youth being nude, and just how wonderful it was. It was never sexual, even in mixed company, but it was certainly sensual. Over time I will write about those moments from the past.

So, the moment of truth came 2 nights ago. My wife and I were goofing around, and for one reason or other I took off all my clothes and remained naked for the evening. She knows how modest I have been, and it was somewhat of a shock to her, but not in a negative way - she couldn't stop laughing. Was the sight of my bare behind bending over at the refrigerator really that funny? Or was it just that it was so unexpected? Perhaps both.

Anyway, I suddenly realized that there was absolutely no reason to wear clothes in the house when we are alone. Sure, you have to be practical, cover up when it is chilly, put on some pants when the man comes to read the gas meter. But wearing pajamas? Putting on clothes right away when getting out of the shower? Wearing a shirt and pants to watch TV? Certainly those are not situations requiring textiles on the skin.

So, there I was, doing everything I normally do, but naked as a jaybird. Other than the incessant giggling from my better half, it felt wonderful. Not a sexual turn-on, not deviant or exhibitionist, but just the way I am. And so comfortable! After an hour or so I declared that I was going to be nude all the time when practical. I went to bed nude, I got up nude, I showered nide, I made coffee and breakfast in the nude, and I went to work nude. Before you jump to conclusions, let me reveal that I work at home.

The next day my wife was just as tickled by the situation as she was the night before, sneaking a photo with her camera phone and making plenty of rude jokes. But ultimately this is not a joke, it is just a supressed part of me emerging, and the next post will deal with some of the issues this is creating in my marriage, and how I am going to try and take this to another level (social nudism). I do not know how this will all work out, I hope that you can share the adventure with me, but I promise you that this is real and true, I will not fabricate anything, good or bad, and I hope that you stay for the ride!