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More Proof of BDSM Event at Lupin Lodge

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Rancid Meat

In 1987, Lee Baxandall penned a letter to Ed Lange, taking him to task for continuing to distribute a magazine entitled "Young and Naked", a "nudist" magazine featuring photos of pre-pubescent children, calling it "rancid meat" and asserting that the appeal of such material could only be to pedophiles.
I don't want to belong to a movement that sells its product chiefly to non-nudists who will never participate because they really want crude lewdness or child pornography, and who will make do with "nudist" literature rather than settle for the Sears catalog.
Such child exploitation has not been eradicated from the naturist world. Back in 2009 I wrote about, saying that children in those photos and videos are being "used as props and products to appeal to the lowest common denominator", and such material only "encourages pedophiles to feel welcome in the naturist world."

And in late 2009, I called out the Federation of Canadian Naturists for accepting advertising from in their "Going Natural" publication. I'm pleased to say that finally, with the Winter 2010-11 issue, the "rancid meat" is gone.The FCN board of directors voted to remove the adverting for and related businesses.

The question is: what took them so long?

It's an example of naturists simply thinking things through a bit too much. All the usual arguments surely were debated, such as pointing out that there is no real pornography in the children videos, no proof that the materials are being purchased by actual pedophiles (or actual naturists, for that matter), that banning such videos is an admission that there is something wrong with children in nudism, selling such materials is perfectly legal, and finally wondering where and when one can draw the line on this issue.

It's simply not that complicated. There is no redeeming value in peddling videos and photographs of nude pre-pubescent children. These images are not the fine art of Jock Sturges, Bill Henson, or Nan Goldin. These videos have no artistic merit, no interest to true naturists, and serve no practical purpose in furthering the cause of nude recreation to non-naturists.

These videos exist for the sole purpose of appealing to pedophiles.

Which brings us to the case of convicted Canadian sex offender Eric Wanamaker, who is currently awaiting the judge's decision on his latest case, where he is accused of accessing and possessing child pornography. And just what is the nature of the materials authorities found in his possession?
More than 30,000 photos and 72 movies of children in various states of dress were found on the convicted pedophile's computer and on burned CDs, which Crown prosecutor Judy Rees argued were for a sexual purpose and therefore constituted child pornography.
Defence lawyer Patrick Flynn argued that Wanamaker is a naturist and the images and videos were simply a reflection of his interest in nudism and art.
While none of the material presented showed children in explicit sexual acts, the images depict preteen children in poses similar to those seen in adult magazines while wearing revealing clothing, including panties and bikinis.
Exactly the same types of materials which used to be advertised in the FCN magazine.

In this particular case, both the prosecution and the defense are correct. The materials are not child pornography, and Wanamaker is not a naturist. But to Wanamaker, who has a 30 year history of sexual offenses, these images of nude children are pornography in his eyes.

In case you were wondering, here is the U.S. code on child pornography. Here is the Canadian definition.

The mere fact that Wanamaker apparently feels sexually aroused by the photos does not make them pornographic. Human beings are complex sexually, with people being turned-on by bare feet, by fur, by wearing diapers, and so on. We cannot as a society begin to see everything through the eyes of someone who might be sexually aroused by what is ordinary to most people. As Lee Baxandall pointed out, pedophiles can find sexual pleasure by looking through the Sears catalog.

We cannot continue to see children through the eyes of a pedophile. To do so is to deny youngsters the innocence of childhood. On the other hand, we cannot view such obviously exploitative materials such as those sold at through the eyes of a naturist. We cannot let our respect for the human body cloud our vision for what is absolutely disrespectful.

A decision in the Wanamaker case is scheduled for April 20.
Defence lawyer Patrick Flynn argued the issue of whether material can be labelled child pornography, or not, depends largely on community standards.
“We live in a modern world, your honour,” he said.
“That needs to be considered when we consider the reasonable person test,” he said, of the standard Hunt McDonald must look at.
“What’s a reasonable person in today’s society viewing those photos (going to think).”
I think a reasonable person would not consider the images to be child pornography, but a reasonable person is also going to feel uncomfortable looking at nude children frolicking about for the camera so that some company can sell their photos over the Internet.

FCN did the reasonable thing in discontinuing the ads for enature and russianbare. In the case of Erik Wanamaker, it's far more difficult to remain reasonable in light of his very troubled past. Whatever the decision of Justice Hunt McDonald, the fact that naturism is a part of this case is disturbing, and graphic evidence as to why organizations like FCN, AANR and TNS must completely disassociate themselves from the exploitation of images of nude children for profit.

Naturist vs. Textile 4/01/11

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Naturist vs. Textile 3/31/11

UPDATE: Erotic Fetish Event Still Scheduled at AANR Resort

Despite a declaration that erotic fetish groups would "never be welcome" at Lupin Lodge, the "Northern California Human Fox Hunt" is scheduled to take place on the grounds of the Los Gatos nudist resort May 6-8, 2011.
All animal role players will be welcome to explore their inner animal in a beautiful, outdoor natural setting. Our clothing optional venue provides a safe, sane, and consensual environment for you to romp about as you please. ALL ANIMAL role players are welcomed: puppies, ponies, foxes, furries, and mythical beasts! And, of course, their human trainers and friends.
There will be outdoor space for lunge, cart pulling, an indoor BDSM play space, and a large forested area for the hunt. This year, all hunters are encouraged to participate in the Hunt Tea following the rigors of the hunt. Hunters can enjoy tea service on the veranda, with their pups at their feet and their ponies on their leads. Commemorative awards will be provided.
This is how a "Human Fox Hunt" is described:
The Human Fox Hunt is a live-action role playing game of whit and prowess where a human fox attempts to outwhit teams of human hunting dogs, ponies, hunters, handlers, and trainers in an outdoor setting. The hunt takes on a kinky bent where the team that captures the fox gets to negotiate a BDSM scene to simulate the ritualized dismemberment of the fox in the spirit of the bloodsport of fox hunting.
Lupin Lodge professes on its web site that "nudity and sex are different human experiences", and parents "can relax knowing that the others in our family environment share their concern for the inviolability of all children".

Not only is Lupin Lodge allowing BDSM groups onto the grounds to practice their sexual fetishes out in the open, they are offering special rates for admission, lodging, camping and food.

Susan Weaver, President of the American Association for Nude Recreation (AANR), is well aware of  the openly sexual activities taking place at Lupin Lodge, and AANR-West was designated to investigate. Weaver responded by stating that their are procedures in place for dealing with such issues, and that no "recommendation has yet been received from the region".

The self-styled "credible" voice for nude recreation was informed of the fetish groups at Lupin in May of 2010, and such a slow response begs the question as to whether of not the national organization has the backbone to actually stand up to one of nudism's most storied resorts.

Nicky Hoffman-Lee, co-owner of The Naturist Society, has declined to comment on this situation at Lupin Lodge, which is the announced site of the 2011 TNS Western Gathering on August 11-14. The venue was also featured as the cover story in the Winter 2010 issue of the TNS publication "Nude and Natural" commemorating the venue's 75th anniversary, so any public acknowledgement of the sexual events taking place at Lupin Lodge would be a huge embarrassment to the organization.

The people at AANR and TNS are not stupid. They know full well that Lupin Lodge is marketing to BDSM groups, but they are hoping that members either don't know about these fetish events, or that they simply don't care.

Both AANR and TNS advertise their affiliated resorts as being true to the definitions of nudism and naturism, free from having sexually-charged atmospheres. No doubt that Lee Baxandall is rolling over in his grave when one of the premier naturist resorts in the United States is hosting "puppies, ponies, foxes, furries, and mythical beasts", with people getting their sexual kinks on by wearing leather and pulling carts around the grounds, where "hunters" can enjoy "tea service on the veranda, with their pups at their feet and their ponies on their leads", and a "Fur Ball" is taking place in the main restaurant where "local furries and kinksters are welcome to mix and kick it up".

AANR and TNS have to speak the truth on this issue which is central to the state of nudism today, and has a direct affect on the future. Either this sort of fetish marketing needs to stop, or the organizations need to re-define what is acceptable at their affiliated clubs and breathe a little honesty into the discussion. Merely trying to keep a lid on this, or pretend it is not actually happening, is unacceptable.

I strongly urge nudists and naturist everywhere to let their voices be heard. Either you support the presence of BDSM, swinger and other erotic lifestyle groups at traditional nudist venues, or you don't. Either nudism and naturism must be defended for what it has been over the past century, or it must evolve and merge with a rapidly growing adult erotic segment of society which represents open sexuality and a kink lifestyle.

It's time for nudist and naturist organizations to stop the deception and speak the truth. Oscar Wilde once said that truth is "rarely pure and never simple". Certainly AANR and TNS are struggling internally with the Lupin situation, and understandably so. But enough is enough. Time to stand up for the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

Screenshots of the Human Fox Hunt, as well as AANR and TNS contact information appear below.

Tel: 800-TRY-NUDE 
Fax: 407-933-7577

Tel: 800-886-7230
Fax: 920-426-5184

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AANR to Sponsor Guinness Hula-Hoop World Record Attempt

American Association for Nude Recreation President Susan Weaver has announced this year's event for Nude Recreation Week.
We all had a great deal of fun the past two years setting and beating our own world record for simultaneous skinny-dipping. However, there is a great deal of paperwork involved and several event coordinators begged for at least a year of respite.
As it turns out, challenging an existing record is somewhat simpler than establishing a new one, and our PR Team has identified an existing record they think it will be fun to try and break -- simultaneous hula hooping. So this July 9th, clubs and locales that want to register as part of this event will simultaneously set those hoops a-spinning to set a new world record.
As background, hula hooping dates back to 1957 when Richard Knerr and Arthur "Spud" Melin started promoting Australian exercise hoops. From July to November 1958, 24 million hula hoops had been made; by 1960, over 100 million hula hoops had been sold. The craze was on.
Like most fads, hula hooping comes in and out of fashion. It seems to be extremely popular with a diverse population right now, so AANR will be coordinating events at a number of localities on July 9, 2011 and reaching to beat the current record of 4,700 people hula hooping at once.
Skinny-dip Bear has already started practicing, as you can see from his picture on the AANR Facebook site.
We hope lots of folks will enjoy turning out for this fun event.

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The "Nudists' Bill of Rights"

The American Association of Nude Recreation is urging people to sign its "Nudists' Bill of Rights" which is online here.

There are 10 stated rights. Not sure why there have to be ten, but Moses and David Letterman have set a precedent for these type of lists, so there you are.

Among the "rights" are "the right to assemble in the nude within appropriate settings" and "the right to responsibly enjoy being nude within appropriate locations on public lands". Each "right" has the word "nudists" as first.

Unbelievably, AANR's initial wording on the list made it appear to be for AANR members only, but they quickly came to their senses and changed it to read "including many members" of the organization.

Reaction to the list has been mixed. On the forum, member Stu2630 noted the following:
I think there are too many vagaries in this and AANR should be clearer. For instance, "to responsibly enjoy nudity within their homes and on private property" - what EXACTLY does that mean? When is it responsible, and when is it not? Similarly, "Nudists have the right to assemble in the nude within appropriate settings" - who decides what are "appropriate settings"? The same applies to "Nudists have the right to responsibly enjoy being nude within appropriate locations on public lands."...this wording appears to suggest that nudists are the ones who should decide for themselves what is and is not responsible or appropriate. No politician is going to subscribe to that as it is, so it needs a re-think in my view if it is to be taken seriously.
Member Agde added the following:
I doubt the "Nudists' Bill of Rights" was vetted by a lawyer, let alone an editor. "Rights" are not given to specific groups in this way. Things like "the rights of children" or "women's rights" are a clarification or elaboration of general "rights". Conditionality in "rights" is always problematic, even more so if blurring adjectives like "appropriate" get appended. Trying to edit the "nudist rights" into actual rights -- eg. "3. All citizens have the right to be nude within their homes or on their own property... 7. All citizens have the right to be nude on public lands... -- quickly makes it obvious that this "Nudists' Bill of Rights" needs to be re-thought and rewritten from scratch. Try replacing "nudist" with your favourite religious group or political party to see what I mean.
From member Kouak:
I really don't know what is the purpose of the Bill Of Rights. It seems from the preamble that it is just listing what "rights" the laws and courts have given nudists. But it does not even list rights that have been given that are nudist-related. For example, nudity is legal in Oregon in public. It is legal in other places for women to be top-free.
Not one member on this particular forum thread made any successful rebuttal to any of these points. The basic argument for signing the "Nudists' Bill of Rights" was that it "couldn't hurt", or it's the "right thing to do".

AANR does not state the purpose for drafting this list, but a trusted source in AANR told me that the organization is hoping for "well over 100,000 signatures so we can show our strength to US and Canadian Governments".

I just don't see any politician or governing body taking such a list seriously, especially since the "signatures" are all done online and can be easily faked. There is an email verification process to validate the signature, but again, anyone can get an email address, and most people seem to have several these days.

As of this writing AANR has 879 signatures. Charlie Sheen has 2 1/2 million followers on Twitter. Do the math.

I'm sure it's well-intentioned, but the list merely states the obvious and does not further the cause of nudists and naturists in society. To me is seems to be a "feel good" laundry list, a declaration of pride for living a clothes-free life, and there's nothing inherently wrong with that. Nudists need to feel better about themselves and not feel isolated from the rest of the general textile-wearing public.

As Stuart Smalley once said, "it's easier to put on slippers than to carpet the entire world."

I'll say now that I went ahead and signed the "Bill". I question the substance, but sometimes ya just gotta go with the flow.

But I do want to take issue with some of the wording.

First, even though I call this blog "'Diary of a Nudist", the word "nudist" is way overused in this "Bill". Substitute the word "people" instead. Insisting on "rights" for one social subset without applying them to society at large is a mistake, and exclusionary.

And when you do substitute the word "people", some of the "rights" read rather nonsensically, such as "Nudists People have the right to hold their values and beliefs".

And by continually referring to "nudists", the list further marginalizes anyone living the clothes-free lifestyle from everyone else. Why are nudists so different that they deserve these 10 rights over anyone else? Don't non-nudists have these rights, too?

One of the basic tenets of nudism is that the people you meet are equalized by the lack of clothing. One cannot tell a corporate executive from a janitor (well, you can if you check out their RV). No, the repetition of the word "nudists" is divisive, it is the written equivalent of the privacy fences which surround nudist campgrounds and resorts.

Then we come to the word "appropriate" which appears two times in the list, referring to "settings" and "locations on public lands".  Just who decides where appropriate settings are? Was San Onofre beach an inappropriate setting? After all, AANR did not fight for that clothing-optional piece of public land, preferring instead to "negotiate" with the California Department of Parks and Recreation while the Naturist Action Committee took the case to court.

How has all of that negotiation worked out? Any progress on finding any public lands that the DPR is willing to designate as "appropriate" for nude recreation?

I didn't think so.

So what is appropriate? Are nude beaches appropriate? How about remote hiking trails? Hot springs?  Old swimming holes?  The streets of San Francisco? The picture window in your living room?  The back yard of your condo? Who makes this decision? If governments make nudity illegal in all areas, is there no longer an appropriate place for nude recreation?

Way too vague.

The only "right" with any teeth is number eight, which states that "Nudists have the right to be free from adverse actions by their employers as a result of their lawful enjoyment of nudity when away from work."

But let's make it simpler. "People should not be discriminated against by any employer due to lifestyle, gender, ethnicity or sexual orientation". There are many people who are discriminated against, not just nudists.

You want to really make a difference? Work to get nudists/naturists to be recognized as a minority group, to be protected against discrimination due to prejudice against the lifestyle and beliefs. Truly, achieving this would be the only "right" necessary, making the "Nudists' Bill of Rights" null and void. It's already moot anyway because most of the "rights" in the declaration are granted by the Constitution of the United States anyway to all law-abiding citizens.

But ten is such a nice, neat number.

But go ahead and sign the "Nudists Bill of Rights". It's fraught with both vagaries and obviousness, and is not likely to make a whit of difference to any government or politician. But you might feel a little better standing up for yourself as a nudist or naturist.

It can't hurt.

The Century Project Weathers a Storm

Dr. Paul Rapoport chronicles the obsession of Oklahoma State University professer John Foubert with Frank Cordelle's "The Century Project".
Although images of nudity may occasionally surprise, confuse, or bother some people, and individuals may misuse some, naturists need to oppose the claim that the existence or viewing of such images causes or increases sexual violence or crime. Countering it may be a tough task. But the mythology and censorship surrounding nudity, especially the non-sexualized variety in naturism, are large and hysterical, and as disturbing as John Foubert’s fabrications and bullying.
You can read Dr. Rapoport's full article here, published in the latest issue of "Nude and Natural" magazine.

Monday, March 07, 2011


I started this blog in 2005. In those five-plus years, it has changed a few times, from a personal diary, to a reservoir of nudist news, to a photo gallery, and to an editorial page. At times the blog has been all of the above.

I even declared the blog to be dead at one point, only to be resurrected based upon the wave of support I received from readers.

Certainly there have been highs and lows.

Debbie Jungwirth, The Naturist Society's Network Coordinator, once remarked about me, "I find the lack of naturist credentials and/or background information about the administrator of this blog a little disturbing."

Credentials? Disturbing? Really?

Ms. Jungwirth later backed off that comment a bit, but it was a Facebook discussion and much of it has been deleted over time.

I have also been attacked over the photos by a very small minority who feel the images are not representative of "true naturism". I've even had people do head counts from the photos to prove that there is an imbalance of women over men, as if some crime was being committed.

Thankfully, most of my readers possess the intelligence to understand that most of the photos reproduced on this blog are vintage, from a time where the nude female form was far more popular than the male. The same people who want to sanitize nudism's past are also the ones who support editing Mark Twain's "Huckleberry Finn" so it's more politically correct in today's society.

What it all boils down to is that the one common denominator about everything I have written or posted here is a hunger for the truth. Every word of every post is still up and running, I've never retracted or deleted any of my writings (except for an occasional update or spelling/grammatical correction). My philosophy has always been to write only what I would be willing to say to someone face-to-face, and to never lie.

It's been my experience that many in the organized nudism community don't want to deal with the hard realities of the challenges facing nudism today. Recently locked two forum threads dealing with the Lupin Lodge situation, yet a subject like "Nudist Celebrities" started in 2006 is still going strong, and "Sleeping Nude and Uncovered" has been open since 2003. Do the administrators at have an agenda? All I know is that there are very, very few locked forum threads on their site.

It can be discouraging at times.

But once in a while good things happen, too.

Recently Tom Mulhall of the Terra Cotta Inn, who is also a board member of AANR-West, made the following comment on his blog: "I have always said that nudiarist is the best nudist and naturist blogger around. I always enjoy his posts. He is very sincere in his beliefs. I greatly respect him."

And out of the blue, H&E Naturist in the UK featured this blog in their current issue.
One of the most popular naturist bloggers is Nudiarist...The blogger is based in the USA, so he therefore naturally comments on issues relating to AANR - and he doesn't pull any punches. His observations are astute, and go to the very heart of the workings of the organization. For instance, one of his blogs is headed "The crisis in nudism and naturism, and what YOU can do." It refers to seedy allegations surrounding Lupin Lodge, "a cornerstone of the nudist and naturist movement since 1936," which somewhat fly in the face of the family friendly image the AANR is trying to promote. 
Nudiarist is pretty on the ball - when Skinbook closed down some months ago, he was among the first to comment. There are regular news updates and comments, all of which go some way to making the point that the internet and the wider world at large is hysterically worried about images of naked people... 
There is much to read on this blog, but not all of it is very heartwarming. The writer is promoting and defending naturism - and he has garnered a wide audience, too... It's well worth a read, and is a very good example of how intelligent comment can be a force for good, and possibly a force for change. Naturist campaigners in this country might take a leaf or two out of his book.
But the one comment which gave me the most encouragement came from John Andersen who is on the board of AANR-East.
I'll say that I for one appreciate the strongly independent voice of Nudiarist because it forces me to do my job better and dig for some answers when I don't have them or keep dinging away if I'm not satisfied with what I hear the first time.
Ultimately I appreciate all comments, whether positive or critical. Without the truth, without a sincere effort to face up to the challenges facing nudism and naturism, there will be no progress.

Oh, and about "rebooting", which is the subject of this post.

Like John Andersen, I want to do my job better. I like being an independent voice and will continue to be one. When the national organizations do something positive, I will praise them. When they screw up, I will be critical.

I promise to write more frequently. So many nudist and naturist bloggers have fallen by the wayside in the past few years that it's alarming. It's not easy sticking to this blogging thing - it takes time, effort and enthusiasm. and finding a combination of all three can be a daunting task.

So thanks to all who have made the past five years a wonderful roller-coaster ride on the world of nude recreation. Here's to at least five more.