Friday, May 29, 2009

The Weekend Newds 5/29/09

  • According to Canadian journalist Sharlene Asam, the Internet has "sped up teens' sexual willingness and behavior."
  • 7 out of 10 Spanish men say they have no problems getting naked.
  • Facebook has reinstated graphic photos of a woman's mastectomy scars after initially calling the images "sexual and abusive."
    'I put these pictures out on Facebook to put a message out to women - check your breasts regularly and do not ever be ashamed of a mastectomy,' said Miss (Sharon) Adams, 45, yesterday. 'For Facebook to claim they were sexual and abusive was absurd. Facebook has online groups about sexual positions and some groups which are bordering on racist - but they ban this.'
  • Schools across the country are imposing bans or restrictions on hugs due to fear of lawsuits over sexual harassment or improper touching.
  • The rampant retouching of photographs in magazines which turns ordinary humans into something unknown in the natural world is causing a backlash.
    It now seems fresh, even exclamation-worthy, when a magazine presents an unvarnished image. Last month, for example, an issue of Life & Style took the unusual step of declaring that a cover photograph of Kim Kardashian was “100 percent unretouched,” as if it had done a great service to the cause of pseudo-celebrity journalism. And People, in its “100 Most Beautiful” issue this month, included images of 11 celebrities “wearing nothing but moisturizer.”
  • A UK cable station is producing a "documentary" which "follows a Newcastle-based business building up to 'Naked Friday', a day when all of its workers will come to work nude."
  • Noting that "there's never a bad reason for celebrating the human body", Las Vegas City Life explores all the opportunities for non-sexual clothes-free activities in the Nevada/Arizona area.
  • Unbelievably, prison officials, prosecutors, judges and attorneys in Texas are gearing up for a big investigation over a photograph of a woman exposing her breast which was sent to convicted killer Robert Fratta.
    “It’s a class C misdemeanor to distribute obscene material to someone in a correctional facility,” District Attorney spokeswoman Donna Hawkins said. “Any violation of the law will be investigated, although no charges are likely to be filed before the conclusion of the trial.”
  • A Malaysian editorial calls for a heavy penalty for "unhealthy activities" after a Danish production company taped a reality series on one of the islands off Johor where some participants were nude. Apparently an apology and the firing of the director were insufficient.
  • Some Australian men streaked through Sydney wearing special "nude suits" to promote a cell phone company.
  • Public interest law professor John Banzhaf has weighed in on the teen sexting issue.
    Anti-child-pornography laws were designed to protect children, including teens, from coercion and other forms of exploitations by adults, and adults involved in or encouraging sexting by teens may reasonable be punished, just as they would be if they participated or encouraged teens to play strip poker, says Banzhaf. But when a teen voluntarily sends racy pictures of herself to an equally-willing teen of about the same age, the basis for prosecution - coercion, exploitation, or other wrongful conduct by an adult - is no longer present, so punishing participating teens for exhibiting themselves to others in emails may be no more justified that punishing them for exhibiting themselves to each other when skinny dipping or playing strip poker in private among only other consenting teens.
  • More news here on the "naturist walk" in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada. Details are still sketchy, apparently FCN had nothing to do with it.
  • Topless coffee shop owner Donald Crabtree says that the female employee accused of being outside the establishment with no top on actually had her breasts covered with her hands and arms. Charges are unlikely to be filed, but the Vassalboro town meeting on June 8 should be interesting, since a nudity ordinance will be considered.
  • The Vassalboro coffee shop is cited as a reason for another town in Maine to enact preventative ordinances against adult businesses. Waterville planning board member Erik Thomas said "To me, it's better to be proactive about these things."
  • The UK Advertising Standards Authority has approved the image of a bare-breasted woman in a brochure, saying, "we concluded the images were not so provocative as to present a risk to teenagers or be unsuitable for the target audience."
  • Officials in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, are planning to auction off the site of the former Sunshine Park nudist resort because revenues are down. Residents would rather see the land cleaned up and left au naturel.
  • You've heard of "Banned in Boston", but how about "Censored in Chicago"?

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/29/09

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/27/09

NAC UPDATE American River, Auburn State Recreation Area, California

Copyright 2009 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its entirety and without alteration.

DATE: May 26, 2009
SUBJECT: CA: American River updated e-address
TO: Naturists and other concerned citizens

Dear Naturist,

This is an Update from the Naturist Action Committee (NAC) concerning an opportunity at Auburn State Recreation Area (SRA) in California.

NAC recently asked for your help in thanking a couple of State Park superintendents for their steady responses in the wake of a local city council resolution. City council members in Auburn, California, had requested that citations be issued to those who are merely nude along portions of the American River in the Auburn SRA, where clothing-optional use is traditional.

California Parks personnel have reaffirmed the existing protocol for managing clothing-optional recreation at Auburn SRA. That protocol does not include the issuance of a citation for simple nudity in the absence of a specific complaint.

Naturists have an opportunity to say, "Thank You," and NAC has asked for your immediate action in the form of your letters and e-mails of encouragement and appreciation to key California Parks personnel. The NAC Action Alert asking for your help was distributed on May 21, 2009.

Here’s a convenient link to the NAC Action Alert:


Your response to NAC’s Action Alert has been gratifying and effective. NAC appreciates you!

We’ve learned that e-mail sent to one of the e-addresses has bounced, so we’re printing a corrected contact list. We’ve also taken the opportunity to update a recently changed ZIP code.

The corrected e-mail address is the one for Acting Sector Superintendent Mike Lynch. The revised ZIP code is for the CA Parks office in Sacramento.

WHOM TO CONTACT (corrected)

It’s not too late to write and say "Thank You."

You may send letters of appreciation that are written on paper or e-mailed. We want tangible evidence of our participation, so NAC is not asking for phone calls in this instance. Please write to both of the following key individuals.

Scott Nakaji
Gold Fields District Superintendent
California State Parks
7806 Folsom Auburn Road
Folsom, CA 95630

Mike Lynch
Auburn Acting Sector Superintendent
California State Parks
501 El Dorado
Auburn, CA 95604

Please send a copy of your correspondence to:

Ruth Coleman
Dept. of Parks and Recreation
1416 Ninth Street,
Sacramento, CA 95814

NAC would enjoy the opportunity to read your thank you notes. Please send a copy to:

P.O. Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54903


Additional information and links are available, along with this NAC Update on the Web site of the Naturist Action Committee.

Select "Alerts" and find this NAC Update under Current Updates.

There you will find the complete text of the Auburn City Council's resolution, as well as NAC's response to the City.


Bob Morton
Executive Director
Naturist Action Committee

Naturist Action Committee (NAC) - PO Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903
Executive Dir. Bob Morton -
Board Member Allen Baylis -
Online Rep. Dennis Kirkpatrick -

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Daily Newds 5/26/09

  • Has Illinois gone too far in an attempt to clamp down on sexting?
    The ACLU and other organizations are going to have a field day with this legislation. The application to all is heavy on fail, but the biggest fail is this continued push to criminalize children. If we concede that sexting is a problem (and many would argue that it’s a media beet up and not a serious problem) how is turning teenagers into criminals and sending them to jail going to solve the problem? Vermont understands that the big stick approach shouldn’t be applied, it’s just a shame that most other US States don’t yet.
  • Actress Moon Bloodgood doesn't understand why her brief topless scene was cut from "Terminator Salvation."
    "I just didn't feel as a woman that I should be apologetic about my sexuality," she said in an interview. "I thought the scene was appropriate. I thought it was beautiful. I have a very European feel about nudity. I just don't, as a woman, feel that I ever have to confine myself and be a certain way when sexuality is a part of me ... Why do we make such a big deal about it?"
  • Noted nudist Cheri Alexander is waging a public relations war against Carolina Foothills Resort. She has posted here and here that she is no longer recommending the venue, but will explain why only to people she knows who contact her through email.
  • Anne Hart reports that clothing-optional restaurants are booming.
  • A North Carolina school psychologist is alleged to have taken inappropriate photos of a nude male teenager, but in his defense claims to be a practicing nudist.
    But that didn't explain away the photographs, which investigators found were inappropriate and crossed a line that gave them probable cause for criminal charges, Abell said. "The photographs the officers saw initiated the charges and, in their opinion and the opinion of the assistant district attorney here in Carteret County, they felt there is something more to it than just a photograph of a nude child."
  • 84% of respondents to this poll feel that the new strip-search technology at airports is not worth the civil right infringements it creates.
  • The simple solution of adding signs has cooled off the "nude bathing war" between Germans and Poles in the Baltic Sea resort of Usedom.
  • Once again, public nudity is acceptable when done in the name of charity.
  • Once again, with the start of swimming season, textiles are stressed out over the horrors of putting on a bathing suit.
    It's no wonder that so many of us dread putting on a bikini; they reveal every imaginable flaw, leave nothing to the imagination and expose all of the insecurities that we have about our bodies. Every year around this time, the tabloid magazines run a "best and worst" beach body story, with pictures of emaciated actresses with ribs poking out labeled the "best," and women with patches of cellulite or fleshy hips the "worst." To add insult to injury, they take a petite and perfectly toned woman that most of us would kill to look like and add some commentary about how brave she is to bare her "curves."
  • A private health clinic in Prague is offering free silicone-enhanced breasts to female employees who renew their contracts.
    “I would rather have plastic surgery than a free car,” said Ms. Kalivodova, who opted for cosmetic breast surgery that would normally cost €2,600, or about $3,500, as well as liposuction on her thighs and stomach. These were physical enhancements, she said, that she could not afford on her €1,000 a month salary. “I feel better when I look in the mirror,” she added. “We were always taught that if a nurse is nice, intelligent, loves her work and looks attractive, then patients will recover faster.
  • An Ohio judge has ordered David Weber out of the nudist resort Paradise Gardens near Cincinnati.
    "He just decided one day he liked it and didn't want to leave, so he took the wheels off his RV and built a little porch around it," Paradise Gardens' attorney, Joseph Krause, said. "The problem with that is that is not how these campgrounds work. No one's allowed to live there year-round. That's Ohio law." In a hearing last week, Common Pleas Judge William Mallory ordered Weber to get out - and take his trailer with him - no later than the end of June.
  • Wingnut commentator Debra J. Saunders calls the one million dollar wrongful death settlement in the case of Berkeley's Naked Guy a "jackpot for mom."
  • "Naked Words - The Body Love Project" is verbal nudism, a series of 15 monologues by women who attempt to come to terms with their own physical appearances.
  • "Dressed to Kill" is a book by doctors Sydney Singer and Soma Grismaijer, claiming that women who wear bras 24 hours per day have a 3 out of 4 chance of developing breast cancer.
  • A man found nude in a woman's bathroom claims to be a "closet nudist."

The Big Bad Wolf

Dr. Peter Cumming, associate professor at York University and coordinator of the Children's Studies Program there, says that the Internet and cell phone cameras are "the big bad wolf" in society. that the uproar over sexting is today's version of the public outrage expressed over Elvis Presley shaking his pelvis on stage in the 1950s, and that making criminals out of teens for expressing natural curiosity over their own sexuality defies common sense.
"It would be very unlikely to see dozens of news stories announcing that some children we caught playing spin-the-bottle, or doctor, or strip poker," he says. "Yet many of the cases brought forward have been on the same level of innocence and experience as those activities. "In other words, kids are playing spin-the-bottle online."
Cumming goes on to argue that a distinction has to be made between nudity and child porn, a challenge which also faces nudism and naturism today if the lifestyle is to continue to exist as being family-friendly.

Sotomayor Once Blocked Tunick Nude Photo Shoot

Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor once blocked Spencer Tunick from doing a nude photo shoot in New York. Story here.

UPDATE: Hey, folks, I just thought this was interesting that Sotomayer was involved in a Spencer Tunick case, I'm not editorializing or suggesting in any manner or form that this decision is important to her confirmation.

Maybe it Wasn't the Nude Photo That Killed Jessie Logan

In a stunning news story, it has been revealed that the parents of Ohio teen Jessie Logan, who committed suicide last summer, never even brought up the subject of a nude photo during an investigation of their daughter's death.

Logan's parents have been waging war against lawmakers, educators and students, alleging that harassment and inaction over a nude photo Jessie took of herself led directly to the suicide, and have subsequently filed a lawsuit seeking damages from just about everybody involved. They even appeared alongside Ohio lawmakers who want to enact laws criminalizing teen sexting so that future suicides can be prevented.

It turns out that the family told investigators that Jessie was distraught over the suicide of a classmate, had recently broken up with her boyfriend, and, according to one uncle, might have been pregnant. Reportedly, the parents fought for months against releasing a blood sample for a pregnancy test, which they said was negative. But in the days following the girl's death, nobody in the family even mentioned the nude photo to investigators.

The whole affair is tragic -the loss of a young life, the pain felt by family and friends, and the unsolved questions which always remain after such a senseless death will continue to haunt all those close to Jessie for as long as they live.

It's human nature for people to seek answers for events which shatter their lives, but it is the responsibility of police, lawmakers, counselors, media types and other professionals to remain calm and rational in the face of runaway emotion. In the case of Jessie Logan, it appears that everyone took the nude photo story and ran with it, without even examining all the other factors which likely drove the teen to her sad decision. The nude photo made for sexier television, more sensational political fodder, and contained the degree of tawdriness necessary to make this an international story.

Suicide is the third leading cause of death for those aged 15 to 24. It's clear that more preventative measures are needed, that parents, teachers and students need to be made more aware of the warning signs and how to deal with them before it's too late. With Jessie Logan, we may never know if she was giving off any warnings, and if those warnings were ignored or unrecognized, because the nude photo took center stage and captured all the attention.

Jessie's parents claim that it was "shock" which blocked out the nude photo in their minds when initially speaking to investigators, yet this "shock" didn't prevent them from coming up with several other reasons for the suicide.

Let's hope that this lawsuit is thrown out, that the Ohio law fails to pass, and all these people get back to trying to live their lives as best they can. I know what it's like to live with unspeakable tragedy, the loss and pain never completely leave, but life always goes on somehow, and time helps to smooth the road.

Society's tug-of-war over nudity, with Puritanical revulsion on one side and endless fascination on the other, is the root cause of making this story so sensational. Until we come to grips with the fact that we all have bodies, that we are essentially all the same underneath our clothes, we will continue to see this sort of irrational, unfounded and dangerous gut reaction to expressions of teen sexuality from the keepers of a repressed society.

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/26/09

Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Challenges to Public Nudity Laws

The topless doughnut shop in Vassalboro, Maine, is the center of a topfreedom equality issue when it was reported to police that one of the waitresses was outside the shop without a top on. No charges were filed in the incident, but the matter has been referred to the district attorney for possible review.

My guess is that there will be no charges for a couple of reasons. First, the woman reported to be topless is described as being "probably involved", so there could be some question of eyewitness accuracy. Second, there is some doubt as to whether the town's allowance of the topless establishment prohibits nudity outside the cafe.

The absence of charges in this case will likely result in further revision of a proposed nudity ordinance by the town's Board of Selectmen, which is scheduled to make a final vote at a town meeting on June 8.

The article on the incident notes that there were also males outside the cafe, but does not say if they were topless or not. The report also does not give a reason why the employees were outside. These are important facts to uncover, because if the men were outside on break just to get a little sun, perhaps the woman decided to join them in a display of topfree equality, merely enjoying the freedom given by society to all men.

By insisting that the "probably involved" woman be questioned while fully clothed, and not demanding the same of the male employees, trooper Shawn Porter likely engaged in sexual discrimination. We really need to get a grip on this female breast phobia and stop treating women like criminals when they exercise their topfree equality. This case in Maine could potentially be important in the fight for topfreedom.

In the town of Bracebridge, Canada, a group of naturists paraded nude in front of an Ontario Provincial Police department to protest public nudity laws. There is no word if the Federation of Canadian Naturists had a hand in the incident, but a recent blog post by Malcolm Scott, calling himself a "Proud Naturist", declared his right to be naked anywhere, anytime. Scott is apparently affiliated with FCN as the Coordinator of Public Awareness and Education, but there is nothing at this point to link him directly with the protest.

There were no arrests in Bracebridge, but due to several complaints the matter has been handed over to the district attorney, similar to the case in Maine. If anyone has further details on this incident. please forward them to me at I'd like know who's behind the protest, and if the naturists had a permit for their public assembly.

Perhaps it's time for naturists in the US and Canada to stand up for their rights to be nude. With public events such as Bare to Breakers and The World Naked Bike Ride gaining public acceptance, society seems to be ready for more clothing optional areas on public beaches and lands. Naturist and nudist organizations need to move from reactive into proactive mode if these challenges are to be met.

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/24/09

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Weekend Newds 5/23/09

  • 89 year-old Jo Wallace remembers when fundraising was done in formal wear, but now she has posed nude for a calendar to raise money for a local women's shelter.
  • Members of the Dunscar Golf Club in the UK raised £10,000 for breast cancer by selling a nude calendar.
  • The nude body of a man has been found floating in the waters east of Wreck Beach in British Columbia, Canada.
  • James Martin explores places to get naked in Europe.
  • Nick Sortal of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel got naked for a yoga class. Instructor Ray Whetstone said, "If you can stand in front of a mirror naked 15 minutes a day and deal with the issues, you're going to be a very healthy person."
  • Illinois has become the latest state to make "sexting" a crime.
  • I'm not so sure I understand this story. A size 12 Cambridge student is in the finals of a modeling competition because "Studies have shown that 63 per cent of girls would rather be a topless model or lap dancer than a doctor, lawyer or teacher...I want to use this opportunity to show young girls that education is important, as someone that has prioritised my own education and worked really hard to get into Cambridge and get my degree." So...she's trying to put a stop to female objectification by posing in her bikini?
  • Tom Lubbock critiques the great painting "Reclining Nude" by Jean-Francois Millet.
  • A 12-year old boy in Dallas could face obscenity charges for having a nude photo on his cell phone.
    "It makes me uncomfortable to think about that," said Scott Mauro, a school counselor. "I mean, these are just little kids. I think it's just a cry for attention, just looking to give them attention."
  • Time Out New York promotes the World Naked Bike Ride event through Central Park on June 20.
  • I'm not so sure that this letter to Annie's Mailbox is legit.
    I looked around and saw a man in a hot tub. I assumed this was the guy, so I kept watching. Five minutes later, he got out of the hot tub and really was naked. I instantly got a headache and my eyes burned. I want to do something to prevent children from seeing him. I know he was in his own backyard, but you could see him clearly from the field. Would that count as public nudity? Do you think I should report him? — Scarred for Life
  • You want to run around naked in public? Apparently all you have to do first is declare you are doing it for charity. 21 year-old Roy McGuinness was cheered on by family, friends and spectators has he rode "The Naked Bus" in Ireland to raise money for the MS Society.
  • Model Amy Houlton, wearing only the paint of an artist's design, walked through downtown Toronto to promote the Canadian Bodypainting Championships.
    Amy poses next to the main doors, below huge images of CBC’s best-known presenters. Peter Mansbridge’s stern, 20-foot tall face seems to disapprove. Inside, an encounter with a school group elicits a mixed reaction. One girl dismisses it as “disgusting,” but some of the teenage boys can’t believe their luck: “Oh my God, was she naked?!”
  • A poster of a toddler pretending to breastfeed her doll is eliciting both scorn and praise at a hospital in Manchester, England.
  • 25 actors had to take off their clothes for 25 days during the filming of "The Girl Who Lived", the story of a young woman who survived the Auschwitz death camp during World War II.
    The volunteer cast and crew worked from 4pm to 4am to avoid work and study commitments and spent months taking part in trust exercises and workshops so the nude scenes could be filmed with ease.
  • Former Albion mayor Michael Hadick, when asked about nude photos of him posted on a website, declared, "I am naked every day. It isn't a big deal."
  • Guy Adams, commentator for The Independent, cannot understand America's strange morality laws.
  • A Munich art exhibit celebrates 150 years of body images in photography.
  • A Denver prosecutor says that a woman flashing her breasts in public is not free speech as protected by the First Amendment.

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/23/09

The above photo by Globe and Mail photographer John Lehmann was a finalist in the Canadian National Newspaper Awards. It shows members of Skinnydipper Club bowling in the nude at Lucky Strike Lanes, New Westminster, B.C. April 27, 2008.

Friday, May 22, 2009

N Magazine Summer 2009 Issue

The current issue of N Magazine has been published by The Naturist Society and is available for purchase here. The editors were kind enough to put the table of contents and an article on Haulover Beach online for all to read. Also, kudos to The Academic Naturist for his article "Freehiking Wisconsin", but you will need to purchase a copy to read that one, as well as "Naked in Santa Barbara", "Lake Como Love Story", "Getting Back to the Naturist Future", and much more.

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/22/09

Thursday, May 21, 2009

NAC Action Alert - Auburn, California

************************************************** ********************
************************************************** ********************
************************************************** ********************
Copyright 2009 by the Naturist Action Committee, which is responsible
for its content. Permission is granted for the posting, forwarding or
redistribution of this message, provided that it is reproduced in its
entirety and without alteration.

DATE : May 21, 2009
SUBJECT: California: American River
TO : Naturists and other concerned citizens

Dear Naturist,

This is an Action Alert from the Naturist Action Committee concerning an important situation in the state of California.

The city council of the town of Auburn, California, recently passed a resolution asking for increased enforcement and citations for nudity at the nearby Auburn State Recreational Area (SRA). The area includes traditional clothing-optional sites along a portion of the American River.

The resolution was introduced by Councilman Kevin Handley as a response to recent media attention given to online advertising that touted some stretches of the river as sites for illicit sexual behavior. That advertising has been removed. The local resolution has no real teeth, and California Park managers responsible for the Auburn SRA have indicated that they do not feel obligated to change their existing enforcement policies concerning simple nudity at traditional areas within the State Park unit.

Naturists have an opportunity to say, "Thank You." NAC is asking for your immediate action in the form of your letters and e-mails of encouragement and appreciation to key California Parks personnel.


Skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing are a decades-old tradition on the American River. The clothing-optional sites that would be most directly affected by the resolution are those located northeast of the town of Auburn, below the confluence of the North and Middle branches of the River and above the site of the abandoned Auburn Dam project on the American River.

THE LAW Section 314.1 of State Penal Code is the portion of general state law used to charge indecent exposure, but California courts have said that absent any lewd content, benign nudity like skinny-dipping is not prohibited under 314.1. Title 14, Section 4322 of the California Administrative Code bans nudity in State Park units. However, well established State Parks policy and court decisions have limited restrictions on nudity in traditional areas of clothing-optional use, and Section 4322 itself allows for the creation of areas within state parks to be set aside officially for clothing-optional use. Historically, California Parks personnel have not hassled people for mere nudity along the American River, unless a specific complaint has forced them to respond.


Since 2006, the Naturist Action Committee has been closely, directly and continuously involved with officials of the Auburn SRA. Following the recent resolution by the Auburn City Council, NAC board member Allen Baylis spoke with District Superintendent Scott Nakaji, who understands the issues of naturists. Superintendent Nakaji assures NAC that Auburn State Recreation Area intends to continue under established California Parks policy (the Cahill Policy).

NAC has also sent a letter expressing its concern to the Auburn City Council. Various local news stories on the matter have quoted NAC board member Baylis, as well as a spokesperson for the River Dippers, a Sacramento-area affiliate of the Naturist Society.


The Naturist Action Committee is asking you to do just ONE thing:

1) Write immediately to the California Parks officials
responsible for the Auburn State Recreation Area.
Thank them for their consistent and reasonable response
in the face of the local resolution.

NAC is not asking at this time for letters to be sent to the City of Auburn.


NAC is asking ALL NATURISTS and other concerned individuals to write, regardless of your residence. The area at issue is U.S. public land being administered as a California public park. This is a matter that affects us all.


You may send letters of appreciation that are written on paper or e-mailed. We want tangible evidence of our participation, so NAC is not asking for phone calls in this instance. Please write to both of the following key individuals.

Scott Nakaji
Gold Fields District Superintendent
California State Parks
7806 Folsom Auburn Road
Folsom, CA 95630

Mike Lynch
Auburn Acting Sector Superintendent
California State Parks
501 El Dorado
Auburn, CA 95604

Please send a copy of your correspondence to:

Ruth Coleman
Dept. of Parks and Recreation
1416 Ninth Street,
Sacramento, CA 95816

NAC would enjoy the opportunity to read your thank you notes. Please send a copy to:

P.O. Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54903

Key points to remember when writing:

1. This is intended to be a THANK YOU note to State Park
managers who already understand our message. Please
resist the temptation to convince them of the benefits of naturism.

2. Identify yourself. Anonymous correspondence is generally
disregarded. If you are a California resident, please say
so prominently.

3. Be brief and polite.

4. Say clearly and sincerely that you SUPPORT and APPRECIATE
the continuing position of officials at the Auburn SRA in
their management FOR nude recreation. Skinny-dipping and
nude sunbathing are benign activities that are a
traditional part of the diverse use of the Auburn SRA.

5. Gently remind the officials that mere nudity is not lewd.
Naturists do not condone lewd conduct in public.

6. Say briefly and specifically that you OPPOSE any move to
ban skinny-dipping and nude sunbathing on the
American River.


Keep your correspondence focused and uncluttered. This is intended to be a "thank you" for specific State Park officials. At this point, they don't need to be converted, they need to be appreciated.


Additional information and links are available, along with this NAC Action Alert on the Web site of the Naturist Action Committee.

Select "Alerts" and find this NAC Action Alert under Current Alerts.

There you will find the complete text of the Auburn City Council's resolution, as well as NAC's response to the City.


The Naturist Action Committee is a volunteer nonprofit organization that exists to advance and protect the rights of naturists throughout North America. Fighting for the clothing-optional recreational use of public land is expensive. To do its job, NAC relies entirely on the voluntary generosity of supporters like you. To donate to NAC, use the address below

PO Box 132
Oshkosh, WI 54903

Or call toll free (800) 886-7230 to donate by phone using your MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card. Or use your credit card to make a convenient online donation:

Thank you for choosing to make a difference.


R. Allen Baylis
Board Members
Naturist Action Committee

Naturist Action Committee (NAC) - PO Box 132, Oshkosh, WI 54903
Executive Dir. Bob Morton -
Board Member Allen Baylis -
Online Rep. Dennis Kirkpatrick -

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/21/09

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Nudist Fruit

Photo of an actual cherry we got at Kroger.

The Daily Newds 5/20/09

  • Porn stars are getting more parts in mainstream films.
  • A Colorado Springs attorney is asking a judge to declare the city's ban on nudity in licensed liquor establishments unconstitutional.
  • The saggy pants proposal in Tennessee is likely dead.
  • Red Moser, PA, PhD, chronicles his life in nudity.
    One of my strangest experiences in 1975 was a nude graduate school interview! I applied for a master's program at UC Davis. In order to save me the travel time, three of the faculty members offered to interview me at their home in Sonoma County. I arrived promptly, clad in my interview suit and tie. There was no answer at the door, but I heard them call me from the back yard. As I entered through the gate, I couldn't help but notice that I was a bit over-dressed for the occasion. I don't really know, but I think I am the only person ever to be interviewed for graduate school by three nude faculty members.
  • "The Sex Education Show" in Britain tackles the issue of pornography and how it is affecting young people today. Episodes can be viewed online here.
  • The lawsuit over the death of Luis Andrew Martinez, aka Berkeley's Naked Guy, has been settled.
  • The media is finally waking up to the fact that people are being virtually strip-searched at airports, due to the fact that privacy advocates are calling for a suspension in the use of the imaging machines.
  • John Zammit, candidate for the European Parliament, is running on a platform which includes the creation of nudist beaches.
  • A costly legal battle looms in the UK over the protection of a nudist beach from an apartment complex which threatens to look out directly onto the sunbathers.
  • A columnist takes on the naked vs. nude debate.
    In the context of his argument, it seems better to be naked than nude; the former implies a choice, whereas the latter implies that a female is being unwittingly, unfairly dominated by a male gaze. Other critics would argue almost the opposite, however. Kenneth Clark, a critic who is often credited as the source of the debate, believed that nude forms are the admirable equivalent of Titian’s Venus; they are ideal forms of art, while naked bodies are just their embarrassing, real-life counterparts.
  • The owner of a BBQ restaurant in Reading, Ohio, has been ordered to "cover up a bit" a female mannequin standing outside the establishment. The mannequin has been wearing a bikini top and shorts, and some people complained that it was "too sexy". The owner plans to appeal.

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/20/09

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bad for Nudism

Last night VH1 ran an episode of "New York Goes to Work" where the personality visited The Terra Cotta Inn clothing-optional resort in Palm Springs, California. You can watch it online here.

From the minute owner Tom Mulhall walked out and New York (aka Tiffany Pollard) exclaimed, "Oh my goodness, his wiener is hanging out", it was clear that this was going to be a public relations disaster for nudism.

Tom, I love ya, you run a great resort and your wife Mary Clare is a gem, but what were you thinking? Sure, you might get some extra bookings from the show, but allowing you and your guests to be "censored" on national TV with animated smiley faces and fig leaves was a bad move

"I always thought that good hygiene required pants" was one of New York's "observations", thus perpetuating one of many common myths about the lifestyle. "Your dick is out, I'm sorry, I'm just noticing it" she said as she covered her eyes and looked away. About her job, she exclaimed, "It's just hard to do it with all these old nekkid people around". Holding her head, she cried "Help me help me help me" as if asking God to deliver her from Hell. And she also referred to one rude guest as a "mother****er" when he got irritating. Was this guy a plant from the network, Tom? I hope so, because if he was an actual guest it's speaks poorly for your clientele.

"Your thing is out, like, you're hanging out" New York said as she served breakfast to a guest, as if she's never seen a penis before. There were also several shots of an older gentleman, who was greeted with comical sound effects and rude comments.

The one moment of truth was when New York, an African-American, said that seeing all these nude people was all a huge culture shock for her, thus illustrating all too painfully the lack of racial diversity in the clothes-free lifestyle.

Tom, you were used by VH1, who put an over-the-top comic personality into your midst merely to exploit your resort for cheap laughs. The show did nothing, NOTHING, to put the nudist or naturist lifestyle in a positive light.


And to top it all off, Tom had to fire the woman because she was a ditz and drank on the job, and tore up the $10,000 check in her face, causing New York to storm off in anger , making Tom not only look like a weird California dude, but an asshole as well.

Every dealing I've ever had with Tom and Mary Clare has been terrific. The work hard, run a great resort, and are perhaps the friendliest online nudists you will ever meet. I hope that they can come up with an antidote to the poison pill they were forced to swallow last night.

Debunking Myths About Child Nudity

Must reading from Dr. Paul Rapoport.
The prime myth is that all photographs of child nudity are illegal. This is no longer in the background but considered a specific "fact." In early April, Ruth Marcus of The Washington Post left no doubt: "Nude photos of minors -- even if the minor is you --are child pornography." Not only is there no basis for that absurdity in jurisprudence in North America, it maligns family snapshots as well as photos in the arts, medicine or naturism; and it declares the sole purpose of a lack of clothes to be immoral, harmful sexuality.

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/19/09

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Daily Newds 5/18/09

  • British model Katie Price faces possible arrest for nude sunbathing in the Maldives.
    Foreign Office travel advice warns: "Nudism and topless sunbathing are prohibited throughout the Maldives including on resort islands. "The Maldives is a Muslim country and serious violations of law may lead to a prison sentence."
  • No disciplinary action will be taken against six students who streaked across the stage at the Green Mountain College commencement in Vermont.
    It's sort of become a new tradition at the school, one that is not encouraged but not "stamped out, either," (communications director Kevin) Coburn said. "It happened at last year's commencement," Coburn said, hours after Saturday's streaking.
  • Married for 43 years, Ian and Nancy Watters love the nude lifestyle.
    "We do everything in the nude; mowing, mulching, gardening. We always seem to have a lot of laughs and that’s good for your health."
  • A sex theme park slated to open in October has been torn down by Chinese authorities because it was "vulgar, ill-minded and misleading."
  • A South Texas town is debating whether or not to ban "nude sketch classes" in the Arts District, due to its proximity to schools and day care centers.
  • Laurie Penny says that burlesque today is nothing more than a "misogynist scam."
    I began to realise that what really differentiated my act from that of your average stripper wasn't the performance, or the costumes, but simply class. Like the majority of women who choose to get involved with burlesque, our troupe was made up of middle-class girls, with the act offering us an opportunity to indulge in raunchy exhibitionism without feeling "cheap" (at least initially). Burlesque serves up misogyny in a tasteful package of feathers, while the explicit nature of the shows increases each year. When I was performing, complete nudity was frowned on, but burlesque acts such as Satan's Striptease and Empress Stah have since started offering full-frontal flashing.
  • Why are law enforcement officials targeting Craigslist for censorship? It's "good politics."
  • A teen has been suspended by his fundamentalist Baptist educators for attending a prom at another high school because there was "dancing, rock music and hand-holding."
  • A group of Belgian actors rode nude on bicycles at the Cannes Film Festival to promote their movie.
  • The Christian Action Network in Cape Town, South Africa, want to criminalize pornography and other forms of adult entertainment after a recent Sexpo event. Miss Nude South Africa says that Sexpo was not exploitative.
  • 80% of Key West tourism-based businesses support a clothing-optional beach.
  • A Lutheran pastor has denounced Miss California USA Carrie Prejean as a hypocrite.
    "(In) America, according to this girl ... it is totally immoral for two people of the same gender who are in love to enter into a lifelong, faithful, monogamous union, (and) apparently not a problem at all for a 17-year-old girl to be photographed half-naked for the expressed purpose of sexually arousing millions of heterosexual men to whom she is not married and who are not married to her."
  • Dita Von Teese was ordered to show "less cleavage" during the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • A nude sketch of Carla Bruni-Sarkozy is up for auction in Paris. Imagine if a similar image of Michelle Obama went on sale in New York City, and you can clearly see the cultural divide.
  • Does a teacher have a "reasonable expectation of privacy" for files stored on a school computer?
  • The producer of a Danish TV reality show has apologized for shooting a nude scene on a Malaysian island.
  • If you think nudity has caused some trouble through the years, consider these instances where articles of clothing caused riots.
  • Kenyans want the statue of a nude boy in front of a court house to be demolished claiming it "encourages pedophilia."
  • One woman ignores the "naked baby police" and lets her kids frolic nude in a wading pool.
  • Striking a balance between "nudists and prudists" has been difficult at North Lido Park in Sarasota, Florida.
  • The Calgary Music Festival features bands, nature, and a "nude slip-n-slide."
  • Helena writes, "stop being so prude and get your kit off" after witnessing women showering in their bathing suits at the local gym.
    Being a Swede, where nudity is something natural, this is incredibly strange to me. When I'm in the communal showers I notice that these women are still wearing their swimmers but had they been naked I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. Why is it that some women, depending on their upbringing, culture or religion, cannot get undressed in front of other women. We all look the same. And when I'm in the shower I don't look at what your bodies look like. I'm busy trying to squeeze out of my wet, too tight bathing suit and just wash myself. I have no interest in looking at other women. So please, just get your kit off and feel that it's ok to wash yourselves properly. Because you can't really reach all your bits when wearing a Speedo!
  • A new naked tribe has been found in Nigeria.
  • William Cook, who founded the Eastwoodhill Arboretum in Gisborne, New Zealand, was an avid nudist.
    ...he often did his gardening unimpeded by clothes, apart from the boot he wore to help with digging holes, and visitors soon learned that it was a good idea to phone for an appointment.
  • Attorney Scott H. Greenfield calls the criminalization of teen sexting as "the stupidest thing ever."

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/18/09

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Daily Newds 5/14/09

  • In the fallout the Carrie Prejean Miss California fiasco, a photographer contradicts her story that her breasts were exposed because the wind blew open her top.
    (Domnic) Petruzzi says he shot the photos on a "normal day" and it's ridiculous to blame it on a breeze. As for Prejean's claim the pics were taken between shots for the modeling session (she was posing for Bliss Magazine), Petruzzi says -- "she was totally posing and looking into the camera."
  • The co-executive director of the Miss California Pageant resigned yesterday saying she no longer believes in the organization because Prejean was allowed to keep her crown, despite apparent violations of her agreement.
  • Yet more Prejean news. The Baptist Standard reports that conservatives are split over the beauty queen and if she is the appropriate role model for Christian women.
    Writer Dave Welch added comments on the conservative website World Net Daily in his article, "Is Carrie Prejean Really a Hero?" "I respect Miss Prejean for her stand and her willingness to testify of her faith," Welch wrote. "However, I much more highly admire, respect and esteem my wife, my daughters and all the girls and women who have chosen the higher road. They are determined to show that their worth is not in how they look in a bathing suit but that they are wonderful creations of a loving God who designed them with meticulous detail as they are."
  • Is Gok Wan "genuinely interested in changing the perception of beauty", or is he just exploiting ordinary people with his contest "Miss Naked Beauty"?
  • A clear sign that mass media and cultural pressures are destroying the body images of yet another generation, British swimming champion Rebecca Adlington, age 19, thinks of herself as "unfeminine".
    "I think there is a problem in that girls don't think it's cool to be sporty. I had that feeling when I used to trudge into school after training with my hair wet, smelling of chlorine, with no make-up on and thinking, 'Oh God, all the other girls look fantastic.' We need to change the view that you can't be a sportswoman and be feminine. I am certainly feminine outside the pool.'"
  • Radio talk show Michael Smerconish puts his ass on the line. Literally.
  • A Nevada assemblyman was reprimanded for viewing pictures of "scantily clad women" on his own personal computer.
  • Legal challenges continue in Virginia over the constitutionality of regulations defining nudity in adult establishments.
    The ABC board revised its own regulations, which prohibit the display of "genitals, pubic hair or anus by an entertainer, or any portion of the areola of the breast of a female entertainer."
  • In the face of mounting legal pressures, Craigslist will no longer offer an "Erotic Services" category, and will create a new one titled "Adult Services". That should do the trick.
  • Julie Hilden, writing on FindLaw, says that prosecutors should not charge sexting teens with "contributing to the delinquency of a minor".
    It would be absurd, for instance, for two sixteen-year-olds who are dating to be deemed criminals because each sent a nude photo of him- or herself to the other, while meaning for the photo to be kept entirely private. Teenagers do have First Amendment rights – and, with the exception of obscene (and in this context, obscene-as-to-minors) speech, sexual speech is protected.
  • Auburn, California, seeks to crack down on nudity and "lewd acts" on a remote stretch of the American River.
    Council members say the beach has long been a destination for nude sunbathers without a problem. But it's recently become known for sex encounters after it became more accessible to boaters with the opening of a new section of river last year.
  • A 35,000 year old figure of a voluptuous nude woman is perhaps the world's oldest sculpture.

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/14/09

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Daily Newds 5/13/09

  • Alanis Morisette will reportedly do a nude scene during the next season of "Weeds". Morisette once said, "I'm a leave-the-bathroom-door-open nudist, which is sometimes disconcerting for my friends."
  • A 73 year-old sex offender was found hiding under an assumed name at an Arizona nudist venue. He was using an RV with tags registered to the previous owners.
  • With all the worry about "stranger danger", it's illuminating to discover that approx. 8000 children were injured by falling televisions in 2007.
  • A new book argues makes the case that running in bare feet "may be the kindest thing you every do for your body."
  • I really feel terrible for the family of the Ohio girl who committed suicide because she was bullied by her peers over a nude photo she took of herself, but suing the school, the town and some of the students is compounding the tragedy unnecessarily.
  • The Texas Senate voted to repeal a $5 per person "admission fee" to strip clubs, which was declared to be unconstitutional, and agreed to replace it with a "new tax" on sexually oriented businesses. And the difference is...?
  • Are curvy young women rejecting the "half-starved look" which has been the body ideal for a generation?
    ... the impossibly bouncy paradigm of birdlike frame supporting implausibly big breasts that originated with porn stars — and Barbie — may be on the way out, at least among teenagers. Mind you, what women tell market researchers doesn’t always reflect what they really think. Do women, especially young women, even always understand the fraught cross-currents of reaction that their own — and other women’s — bodies elicit?
  • The first streaker has struck Citi Field.
  • An ad for Air New Zealand shows pilots and flight attendants wearing nothing but body paint.
  • A sexting case in Palm Beach County has resulted in search warrants to the homes of five teens, as well as seizures of cell phones and computers. No charges have yet been filed.
  • Vanessa Hudgens, who took a nude photo of herself a couple of years back, is open to doing nude scenes in movies.
  • Sexploitation hits a new low in a Latin American show called "Without Breasts There is no Paradise."
  • All nudists and naturists laugh at the annual "How to Get in Bikini Shape" article.

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/13/09

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Monkeying Around

Sue Redfearn, writing in The Huffington Post, says, "You might want to sit and think a minute before taking your kid to see gorillas and the like."

Her reason? Gorillas poop and eat it, they play with their genitals, and have copious sex with each other.

Sounds like a typical American teenager. The only difference is that teens don't eat their own poop, but eating at Sonic qualifies as an equivalent.

Poor Sue got all flustered because the poop eating was witnessed by her 3 year-old who then needed an explanation, and it got even worse when a teenage boy jockeyed for a better position in order to take a photo of the hungry ape.

This incident took place at the Washington Zoo, and coincidentally the same thing happened in the same place some years ago when I took my daughter to the zoo. A young gorilla pooped, grabbed it from his anus, and proceeded to eat it like a twinkie.

To this day we still laugh about it.

Another time two elephants were going at it at the Columbus Zoo in Ohio. I still have that photo.

Both times I didn't have to explain because my daughter already understood how bodies function.

Sue admits, "maybe I don't get out much." That's an understatement. Sue apparently does not watch NatGeo, Animal Planet or Discovery on television, where animals do all sorts of interesting things, like eating each other, and feeding other dead creatures to their young. Or maybe Sue does watch these shows with her daughter and finds it easier to explain cannibalism and murder in the animal kingdom than it is to talk about sex and excrement.

Anyone out there that has or had children knows that kids love a good poop or fart joke. There's really nothing funnier than just saying the words, they will roll around laughing for hours.

Not at Sue's house, though. At Sue's house, such things are "virtual car wrecks", with animals behaving like "drunk rugby players".

To her credit, Sue took this as a learning moment and asked the Ape House curator why the gorillas eat their own poo. It turns out that they do it for perfectly natural reasons, like being too lazy to seek out fresh food, or to recycle all the vegetable matter that did not digest completely the first time through. The curator also said, "It's rather amusing to me to watch visitors react. There are parents who use it as an educational opportunity, and then parents who move their child quickly away."

As with the bodily functions of apes, the way human bodies work can be easily explained without getting all red in the face. It's really sad that people cannot handle the sight of natural animal activity, and imagine how difficult it is for them to talk to their own children about the way their own bodies work.

Children are curious about everything, and if parents are too uptight to answer questions in a matter-of-fact and honest manner, kids are going to seek out their own answers, which can lead to disinformation.

In our textile society, kids become teens become adults, and throughout the entire growing process they constantly wonder what other people look like under their clothes. Be honest now, it's a natural thing. In nudism and naturism, that barrier is broken immediately, the curiosity is fulfilled, and body parts become very unimportant.

The reason kids laugh at gorillas eating poo or having sex is because they are encountering something completely foreign to them. Kids will also laugh if they see someone else naked because it's something they rarely or never encounter. I grew up attending nude swims at the YMCA, and seeing my friends without clothing was completely ordinary. No laughing, no pointing, no joking, no big deal.

By making nudity taboo, we have made monkeys out of ourselves. Try explaining that to your kids.

Is Nudity Now a Family Value?

Here's one of the photos TMZ posted today of a topless Carrie Prejean, complete with obscured nipple. Prejean claimed in a press conference today that it was the wind which must have blown open her top. Does her hair look windblown in this photo?

Again, I don't care that she posed nude, or made a sex tape. And I don't care that she believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. As she points out, our President shares the same view.

What irks me to no end is that she is turning this personal belief into a political cause in a attempt to deny civil rights to American citizens seeking merely to marry the person of his or her choice. You can believe what you want, but stay out of my face and the faces of other citizens.

Prejean turned into such a spectacular train wreck that Donald Trump and the sexist pageant industry decided to keep her on as Miss California, undoubtedly due to all the publicity which has piqued new interest in the manufacturing and selling of American beauty.

There is a strange upside to this all, since the Christianist right is embracing this girl as some sort of second coming of Christ. Appearing on Dr. James Dobson's radio show, Prejean said that she was being tempted by Satan, and that she believes herself to be a witness for God in her crusade against gay marriage.

Carrie Prejean looks and struts like a porn star, yet talks like Billy Graham. She's more than willing to expose her body to sell lingerie or to tempt men, but she calls herself a moral Christian.

None of this really makes any sense at all. It's like someone declaring that the human body is dirty and shameful, and then getting naked at a nudist resort. It's wacko talk.

Wait, I said there was an upside. The fact that Prejean posed nude, the fact that she had breast implants, and the fact that she is a beauty queen who struts near naked to be judged on her attractiveness to men, has not prevented her from becoming a role model for Christian women. The sexual side of this whole affair has been rendered moot, immaterial, inconsequential.

In an era where all type of nudity is taboo, when kids are being prosecuted for taking nude photos of themselves, along comes Carrie Prejean and her sexed-up image to make nudity a Christian value.

Now Prejean's nude photos are far from being nudist or naturist, but in comparison the family-friendly clothes-free experience seems pretty tame compared to what the right wing is willing to accept from the beauty queen. It's as if the Christianists decided that there was no way to win the culture wars, so they took on someone who looks like a porn star to help get the funds rolling back in.

The political battle over abortion is all but dead with Obama getting ready to make the first of what should be several appointments to The Supreme Court. Gay marriage is now the big demon, but the tide of states approving same-sex unions is likely too big to stop. The only hope for the Christianists is to maintain it as a political football throughout the south, the last bastion for dying conservative philosophies, and prevent a 50 state sweep. And what better person to lead that effort than the Anita Bryant of the 21st Century, Carrie Prejean.

This is the time for nudism and naturism. The economy is in shambles, the Moral Majority is tied to the hull of the Pequod and sinking, and the new spokesperson for the Christianists is a bimbo. It's a perfect storm for lobbying for more public land to be set aside for clothes-free use, not only as a benefit to naturists, but for local communities looking to fill their coffers with new found revenue.

If the moralists think that the sight of Carrie Prejean looks pretty good, then they have little to oppose when it comes to a few nude beaches here and there.

Bye, Bye Carrie

TMZ has obtained new topless photos of Carrie Prejean, so in addition to hypocrite, phony, bigot and ignoramus, she can now add liar to her title.

UPDATE: The Trumpster has decided to keep this train wreck as Miss California. There is no such thing as bad publicity. The media is eating this up.

Nudist Photo of the Day 5/12/09

The Daily Newds 5/12/09

  • In the UK, the town of Huddersfield is going all out to encourage breastfeeding.
  • Paula Cooey, a professor of religion at Macalester College, wonders if embattled beauty queen Carrie Prejean is God's prophet or a porn star.
    We as a nation promote biologically reductionistic, soft-porn views of human bodies and human sexuality, views that do real violence to real people. Don’t get me wrong; my objection is not to naked bodies and eroticism, but to shrouding sexual titillation and drooling voyeurism with the patina of beauty and virtue, a phenomenon hardly restricted to the religious right alone. We don’t have to be right-wing evangelicals to be confused about our own flesh; bought, marketed, and consumed through various print and electronic media. Indeed, the Carrie Prejeans and Jerry Falwells Jr. of the world are just more transparent.
  • Two Ohio teens were sentenced yesterday over nude photos on their cell phones.
    Prior to sentencing, defense attorney Charlie Rittgers told Powell the boy was never in trouble before and was “remorseful” for his actions. “He is scared to death at being here,” Rittgers told the judge. “He did not realize that what seemed to be an innocent act on his part could have ramifications.”
  • Some people expect Facebook to cave in to protesters who want all groups devoted to Holocaust denial to be banned. The powers-that-be at Facebook put themselves in this predicament when they banned photos of mothers breastfeeding their children. Free speech is messy. You can't only demand the free speech you want without accepting the free speech of others. Banning the breast, now banning certain political speech, and what will be the next topic to be deemed offensive? Nudism? As abhorrent as the Holocaust deniers are, they cannot be denied their First Amendment rights.
  • The rash of recent nude photos of celebrities is likely part of a larger trend.
    "The commonsense response is that anyone who thinks popular culture is not helping to shape the social script for teens just isn't paying attention," said Bill Albert, a spokesman for the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy. "It's not the only thing, of course, but what's happening in celebrity culture and what's happening amongst their peers has a great influence on teens."
  • The media need to stop sexing up all body parts - now "love handles" are seen to have a "damaging effect" on a person's love life.
  • AANR's publicity campaign for a world record skinny-dip has reached at least one news outlet.
  • Go for it! Shirley Jones's husband thinks it would be "sensational" if the 75 year-old beauty would pose nude for Playboy.
  • If you are unemployed, Central Casting in New York is looking for nude models.
  • Lily Allen, forced to change lyrics to one of her songs by the BBC, told her audience that she "might just go naked. In fact, I think everyone coming to watch should go naked. I want to see the whole crowd naked." I think she really means it.

La Fonte des Neiges

La Fonte des Neiges (Thawing Out) is a short film by French director Jean-Julien Chervier, and was shown at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival.

When twelve-year-old Léo arrives at the naturist camp that his mother's dragged him to, he thinks he's going to pass out. Until he meets Antoinette and her magic mushrooms…

This 27 minute film can be downloaded in its entirety here, in French language with no subtitles. Short clip can be viewed below.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Daily Newds 5/11/09

  • The original Calendar Girls are celebrating the 10th anniversary of their fame by stripping down again.
  • The Boston Herald has an article today on the closing of Eastover Resort and the reaction of Nicky Hoffman Lee, the managing director of The Naturist Society.
    Lee said the event will likely have to leave New England to find a host that can meet its needs. The group might have to go back to a campground-style get-together.
  • The top ten sporting streakers are admired for their naked ambition.
  • A painting of three topless women bathers was banned from a New Zealand art show for being "not appropriate for family viewing."
  • One of the things you definitely don't want at a nudist beach is a crocodile.
  • Another columnist reacts to the virtual strip-searching of airline passengers.
    Industry sources tell us the naked truth is bare butts save bucks, and it won't be long before the government bean-counters are using the strip scanners to replace thousands of security guards.
  • What do you say to a naked lady who knocks on your door in the middle of the night to bum a cigarette?
  • When Peaches Geldof was photographed while enjoying topfreedom at a beach, the photos helped her land a six-figure deal as a lingerie model for Miss Ultimo. "I'd rather young girls were looking at a normal body like mine rather than an anorexic model," she stated.
  • Is it theologically correct to equate Hugh Hefner with Pope John Paul II for views on nudity and shame?
  • The Timberline clothing-optional resort is reopening in Tennessee.
  • If your bar hosts an event where women wrestle in a pool of Jell-o, is anyone really surprised if nudity ensues?
  • Katharine Mieszkowski writing in Salon says to stop worrying about your children.
    We don't tolerate sex crimes. There's just much less tolerance of any kind of abuse of kids. Those people are prosecuted very aggressively, to the point where a lot of them are behind bars now. But if other parents aren't letting their kids walk to school, or wait at the bus stop by themselves, if you buck the trend, doesn't that make your kid more vulnerable, because other kids aren't doing it, too? If everyone was doing it, wouldn't there be safety in numbers?
  • The European reality television show which had contestants run nude on Johor Island is under investigation my Malaysian officials for possibly violating cultural sensitivities.
  • An editorial in the Walla Walla Union Bulletin calls for the end of the FCC.
    ...the FCC isn't needed to serve as vulgarity police. The audience has complete control. If people are outraged by certain behavior they won't watch the show or, even more powerful, they will let the advertisers know about their displeasure. The FCC has become an unnecessary government agency that's wasting time and money filing lawsuits over situations viewers can control with an "off" button.
  • Business owners are upset with Myrtle Beach officials who want to turn away hundreds of thousands of motorcycle riders who come there each May. The issues are noise, violence, obscenities and nudity.
    "At a time like this, you can't pick and choose the tourists you want. You take the ones who are going to come," said Robert Kelley, who owns three hotels and a restaurant.