Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dr. Paul Rapoport Steps Down as "Going Natural" Editor

Statement released today:
For nearly 13 years, I've edited Going Natural magazine for the Federation of Canadian Naturists, the last five years with an excellent Francophone co-editor. The summer 2010 issue, which just came out, is my last as Editor. I hope to assist whoever takes over with whatever the magazine becomes.
My work in naturism may involve more research and writing but less editing and managing. I have non-naturist projects to carry out also.
The FCN is in the process of deciding how to continue the magazine. It will probably involve both print and digital media, as it does now. Neither the FCN nor the magazine is going away!
With kind regards,
Paul Rapoport
Dr. Paul Rapoport
Co-Editor, Going Natural / Au naturel
Federation of Canadian Naturists
Box 81128 FGPO
Ancaster ON L9G 4X1

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