Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lupin Lodge in Erotic Lifestyles Controversy, Part Two

Back in May I posted about Lupin Lodge in California playing host to erotic lifestyle groups MAsTSCC and Equus Eroticus. AANR denied the allegations and said that such groups would be turned away at the gate.

Further evidence reveals that Lupin is indeed hosting these groups. Above are two screen shots of the MAsTSCC web site, the first one from today, July 10, 2010, and the second as it appeared on May 21, 2010. After my first story appeared, the group took their blog out of public view and removed the text referencing Lupin. For the event which took place on June 27, the venue was not identified on the blog, but the description fits Lupin.

The "pony play" group Equus Eroticus is still advertising it's "hunt" event at Lupin Lodge in September on their web site.

I would appreciate it if anyone having further information on Lupin allegedly hosting these groups to contact me at


Elton said...

you know, a master and slave lifestyle should be private and not used as a way to get customers at a clothing optional resort. If they pursue this, it will hurt the nudism philosophy and lifestyle.

It plays up to society's stereotypes of nudists as being interested only in having sex. Although some nudists do say they are in nudity for sex, others just want to live a life being nude in a chaste way. In other words, sex isn't all that there is to nudity for them. I see this as pretty much being bad. A lot of families will avoid that place and go to more family friendly resorts instead.

Nicky said...

Having a group like that at a nudist resort will taint that resort and you know that family's will never go near that place if that group shows up

John Thomas said...

I'm with Elton on this one 100%. Lupin had a reputation as being the least sexist and most comfortable environment for women of all the nudist resorts, and now they do THIS. Having a woman pull a dog cart around as if she were some animal is the complete opposite of everything Lupin has stood for since its inception.
I guess financial desperation makes people rationalize some pretty shocking things.

Anonymous said...

I think we should wait and give Lupin the benefit of the doubt. How will it impact the rest of the club and the feel of the place?