Monday, September 19, 2011

Naturism: These images contain nudity

Story about the Reuters visit to Bare Oaks here.


The Tame Lion said...


Elton said...

Yes, very beautiful. Who would want to wear clothes when its ninety degrees outside and you are not in a desert?

Okay, you can go naked in the desert too, just in the wee hours during daybreak and sunset.

bruce said...

Great piece on naturist living. Must have been made for a non-USA market, because it would never air here in the US without blackbars, or pixilating...and of course the "adults only" warning. Nipples, pubes, butts...OMG... this should be illegal!
Glad to see some others in the world are getting positive images.

Elton said...

i call it the curse of the Crusaders for decency. Sometimes I wish we didn't have the FCC.

Nomoso said...

I really liked their discussion of sexuality. It has become a taboo in some naturist circles.On one hand, there is the myth that naturism waters down your sexuality by having the body "exposed" all the time. Contrary to that there's also the myth that there's no sense or awareness of sexuality in naturist communities. Naturism is sensual in regards to appealing to our connection with our surrounding and our own bodies. It also has an erotic component when we are able to admire and welcome the humanity and beauty of each person whether they are men or women.To me,that has a strong erotic energy.