Sunday, April 29, 2012

Greener Pastures

I've not really updated this blog much over the past year, so I feel it's time to finally retire from this format. I'm certainly not going away, just away from here. So please stop by and visit me on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, The Nudism and Naturism Daily News, and Tumblr, and if you are a member of AANR, you can read my new monthly column in The Bulletin. See you on the other side, and thanks for all your support!

The Nudism and Naturism Daily News

1 comment:

W!ZARD said...

Sorry you're leaving here - I like to visit this blog for the occasional break away from the usual mundane realities of life and to get a fix of intelligent ans reasoned comment along with great pictures and stories.
All the best with your other ventures.