Friday, July 06, 2007

The Academic Approach

The Academic Naturist is a promising new blog that approaches issues related to nudism in a fact-based manner, with references.

Unlike Eric at Gymnophiliac, TAN approaches his arguments carefully and backs them up with actual research. A recent post about Children and Naturism manages to hit the nail on the head with a refreshing economy of words.
It's interesting to note that textilers, both children and adults, often dislike their genitals. Nudists, on the other hand, like all body parts somewhat evenly, including the genitals. This supports the evidence that family nudism has a higher correlation to body self-concept than does sex, race, or location. Also, nudist children have much higher body acceptance and self-image than do non-nudist children. Non-nudist US children somewhat strongly believe that clothing is required, even in hot climates, but are unable to explain why.

I have omitted TAN's notations, you should read his post for yourself and see what he has done to support his statements.

TAN also quotes non-nudist professor and researcher Lawrence Cansler, who interviewed a number of older nudist children.
"Many of them recognized that nudism was giving them a more ‘realistic’ outlook towards sex than their non-nudist friends possessed. When with these friends, or out on dates, they could only feel sorry for people whose attitude towards the human body was not as healthy as their own. Unlike the responses of some adult camp members, these seemed completely genuine and spontaneous. Furthermore, the impression was inescapable that these children, taken as a group, were extraordinarily well-adjusted, happy, and thoughtful."
No straw man arguments, no pointing fingers, no demonizing. While certainly not the final or definitive word on the issue, the article by The Academic Naturist furthers the discussion in a constructive and convincing manner, something that is desperately needed by those who believe in the nudist lifestyle.

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