Monday, April 06, 2009

The Daily Newds 4/6/09

  • The naturist resort at Berry Springs in Australia's Northern Territory has proved to be so successful that Central Australia wants a piece of that tourist pie.
  • Anybody who looks down at San Francisco for its permissive attitudes about sex and sexuality, should take a look at Japan's Steel Phallus festival where a ginormous pink penis is paraded through Kawasaki, while spectators of all ages suck on their penis shaped lollipops. No kidding! A photo gallery is here.
  • Loretta Laroche calls teen sexting "nonsense" and calls for a return to "scare tactics" from nuns and mothers to put kids back in line. On the other side, an editorial in The Buffalo News says that the country needs to "come to grips" with how to respond, if at all.

    What is lacking in all of these commentaries and editorials is any real concern about the fact that teens are having real in-the-flesh sex, oftentimes unprotected. Parents, lawmakers and prosecutors are all up in arms about some pictures, as if eliminating any photographic evidence of sex will also suppress the reality of it all. Photos are not reality, they are only images of reality. The dangers of risky sexual activity far outweigh any of the consequences of a mere photo.
  • Here's another article on the German nudist hotel, and it seems that the idea is not only taking hold, it's spreading.
    Mr Haferkorn hopes his hotel will attract both walkers who like to go bare and nudists who like to walk.

    And while the strict nudity rule only applies within the grounds of the hotel, guests keen to bare it all on their walks may not have to wait too long for permission: two villages in the Harz mountain region are reportedly looking into designating some of their walking paths as nudist routes.


Academic Naturist said...

Wow, I think that's the dirtiest photo you've ever posted!

Jim H said...

Once again, I followed a link, the Loretta Laroche one, and found no comments. Although her comments on sexting were comparatively tame, I did leave one pointing out that the real offense is not the nudity but the unauthorized distribution by the recipient.

Again, comments on nudist sites have no impact on the overall debate. Granted I could not find a comment button on the Buffalo site, which was more hysterical, I would ask that when I follow such a link in future, I find a comment from you before I add my two cents.

Nudiarist said...

It's challenging enough to find the time to write my comments here, let alone post comments all over the Internet. 1400 people stopped by yesterday alone to read this blog so somebody is listening to me here.

Jim H said...

Yes, but they are mostly the choir. How many of them are people who would fall victim to the hype if they did not read your blog? The most you are doing is sending one or two people like me to a site and making our comments. Especially in cases involving hyper prosecutors and legislators, the stories require more widespread action. The only cases I have seen this are in a couple of threats to nude beaches. What needs to happen is to remove the perceived advantage to politicians of grandstanding on "moral" issues. The optimum result would be to get a few of these jerks voted out of office, which actually may not be impossible. The prosecutor in PA is involved in a suit with the ACLU which will cost the county time and money and which he will almost certainly lose. But as long aa the articles and comments only reflect the hysterical right, your rights will be under constant threat.

Jim_H said...

Additional thought and interesting discovery. If you can't comment yourself, you can at least include a note on your blog each time you publish these links encouraging readers to comment.
Second, i have just discovered that some of the local paper sites are using registsration software which apparently has a central databass. You can use the same user name and password without taking the time to register for each site.
I am not a naturist, but I don't object to it. I am, in a sense, fighting your fight because I do deeply object to abuse of the law by prosecutors, moral grandstanding for political gain, advocating public policy on emotion rather than fact, and abuse of the law, particularly in fiolation of the Constitution.