Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Ohio Prosecutor Wants to Send a Message by Destroying Lives of Children

Ohio prosecutor Jessica Little wants to send a "message" to four teens charges with felonies over a nude photograph transmitted by cell phone.

"They haven't got the message yet that sexting, nude pictures of a minor, they don't know how dangerous that water is," Little said.

She said she hoped to make an example of the 16-year-old girl, two 14-year-old boys and the adult, who, if convicted, could possibly be classified as sex offenders.

According to victim's advocate Denise Neal, these children would have to report for 25 years. Somebody please step in and help these children fight this crackpot prosecutor.

Naturally, Little is a Republican, and has a MySpace page here, and can be emailed at Apparently in order to save the children you need to destroy them first.


Anonymous said...

While kids should be very careful about nude pictures on cell phones and such, I doubt they need more of a lessen. The heavy, crude, overboard hand of prosecutors like this (and the media) will drive kids like this to suicide - it's a matter of time. Best case, they'll become drug addicts and die of an overdose by 30. Give them a private counseling session and leave them alone!

Jim H said...

Used your email link to send message to the prosecutor, that she is the predator, and that unless she is willing to jail 20% of teens, she should back off.

You should ask for those who use the link to drop a comment here so you can see how much of an impact you may have with this tactic.

To others: express outrage, do not threaten (unless you are local, then just announce she has lost your vote).