Sunday, November 01, 2009

Boulder Police Kill Naked Pumpkin Run

The threats of arrest for indecent exposure apparently worked because only three people were reported to have participated in Boulder's annual Naked Pumpkin Run, and they were not nude. Officers were reported to have descended on the area when they heard of the three runners.
Some used their costumes to poke fun at the police, including two people wearing jack-o-lanterns on their heads in reference to the Naked Pumpkin Run of recent years and SWAT vests over their shirts.

Michael May and Gerry Callejo carried naked, inflatable men with jack-o-lanterns on their heads and a sign reading "Free the Pumpkins" on their backs. Beckner, watching from nearby, cracked a wry smile.

"The absurdity of how the police reacted needs to be mocked," May said later.


Anonymous said...

This is WRONG!!! This is supposed to be the land of the free not the land of Fascists. WTF? What has happend to us as a nation that we think this is protecting kids? This is a jackbooted thug stepping on the neck of our free speach and others telling us to look away or we may be next. Have we grown wo weak and timid we will allow this?

thomas said...

Somewhere along the way the police have gotten the idea that they make the laws not just enforce them. The is, apparently what they decide it is. Legal and moral authority