Thursday, November 19, 2009

PETA Uses Nude Keely Hazell in Anti-Fur Ad

[image from PETA]

As far as I know, PETA has not shown fully nude female breasts in any of its anti-fur ads, but the activist organization has taken their campaign to the next step by showing model Keeley Hazell's nipples. You can argue that it's shameless exploitation, or a political stunt, but the bottom line is that another line has been crossed in making nudity more populist and mainstream. It's obvious that Ms. Hazell is very comfortable in her own skin.

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Paul Rapoport said...

In order to see this image, PETA throws up a dialog box for simple "verification" that you're 18 or over. Although it's ineffective (basically a ploy), let's hope that such nonsense disappears. It's not like people under 18 1) will be harmed by this photo; 2) can't find nudity on the Internet in unrestricted ways.

Of course PETA has to be seen to be in the "age-sensitive" camp for political purposes. That doesn't mean it makes sense in other ways.

As long as their ads and actions emphasize young women (almost exclusively), I remain only marginally interested in a naturist sense. Or should naturism use more women in its promotion, because it works, for both men and women viewers/readers?