Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Nudist Photos of the Day 12/08/09


Anna said...

While I like how you keep up on articles relating to nudism, it's your obsession with posting nude photos that make me question if you really have the mindset of a true nudist.

On this post that first picture (top left hand side) you can't even say it is even close to being a nudist photo but instead it's like something you would see in a magazine such a Playboy.

And 95 percent (if not more) of the photos you post are all of young very attractive people. There are none of the old and overweight people who also visit nudist venues. (at many places they make up a sizable minority if not even a majority of people you will see there.)

Have you ever written a justification of why you a supposed nudist would have such photos on a blog? The photos just look like "nakie photos" that appears to many of the textile mindset. And it is why despite some very good articles that you post on your site (well these days you post them more to your "political naturist" blog) I strongly question if you truly have a nudist mindset or instead just like to gawk at "nakie photos".

Nudiarist said...

First of all, "Anna" is not a nudist and is reportedly actually a male who trolls the rec.nude Google Groups.

I really don't understand the criticism of these kitschy old nudist photos. I find them humorous and charming.

I have no control over the subject matter of these vintage photos. I'm not going to be apologetic for the choices of photographers and editors working for magazines 50 or 60 years ago.

Yes, many of these vintage nudist magazines were geared towards a male audience, that's part of nudist history whether you like it or not. Get over it.

Most if not all of the vintage photos I've posted are preserved as part of nudist heritage by the The American Nudist Research Library here - http://anrl.org/html/collection.html#Magazines

AANR and the NEF also have their own libraries of nudist books and magazines.

ALL of the major nudist organizations make extensive use of photographs in their publications - AANR, TNS, FCN, British Naturism and others. Everyone uses visuals. To suggest that the use of nude photographs is against the nudist mindset is to discredit the entire movement from the earliest days of FKK through today.

I'm also sick and tired of this "true nudist mindset" bullshit, especially from someone who has never once stepped into a nude social event.

I'm a visual person. I've been taking photographs since I was 10 years old, my first experience was shooting a few rolls at the 1964 New York World's Fair. I went to professional art school for a couple of years, studied drawing, painting, sculpture, and photography. I have been both a professional photographer and videographer. I have so many family photos that they fill a dozen file boxes in my closet.

I will never apologize for my gift of visualization which has allowed me to be creative all of my life.

And to criticize me for not writing enough good articles has no comprehension of how time-consuming and difficult it can be to find subject matter and muster up inspiration to make a worthwhile post, especially when no monetary reward awaits upon publication.

It's arguable that my written body of work on nudism and naturism, exclusive of photo posts, is the most prolific of any single blogger.

So why not send me your nude photo for posting here, Anna? I won't be holding my breath.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I like the nostalgia that these photo engender. Many of then might have been taken directly from the pages of BN when my wife and I were beautiful, young nudists forty plus years ago.

I have sometimes wondered about the photographers and models and one day when I've got time on my hands I'll get around to doing a "where are they now?" expose.

British to the bone!

Chris said...

At the risk of feeding a troll, I must say that I quite appreciate Nudiarist's posting of these old photos. It may be true that they often don't reflect the demographic reality of the modern nude beach or club, but they certainly come closer to authentic nudism than they do to Playboy. Notice how the people in the photos are all smiling, and in an a very convincing fashion. It's been years since a Playboy model was caught with a believable smile, but I see it on the beach all the time. It's one of the things I like most about nudism; people seem to be genuinely happy, friendly, and open. I can at least imagine that some of this happiness shows through in the photos, kitschy and contrived though they may be.

As for the complaint that these people aren't sufficiently old and overweight, please remember that forty years ago people just were not as heavy as they are now (and a lot of them weren't as old, for that matter).