Saturday, March 13, 2010


A blogger who shall remain nameless and unlinked from this blog had the audacity to recently question my motives as a blogger and a nudist/naturist because of a couple of photos I recently posted.

It's not only unwise to question another person's motives, it's counter-productive and even destructive. It's also the weakest of arguments when a debate devolves into a questioning of motivation.

As for the unnamed blogger, I will not question his motives, but I will say it's beyond my comprehension as to why he would question mine.

Criticism of whether or not something is wise, or appropriate, is certainly fair. I always welcome open discussion of the tough issues, many of which other nudist bloggers fail to engage.

But to question my motives, after the huge body of work this blog now represents, is reprehensible.


Matt P. said...

It is inevitable that there will be some posts that will strike a raw nerve. I personally think you do an excellent job with this blog. I look at it almost every day and if I've missed any, I go back and catch up.

I do have words of encouragement for you:

Illegitimi non carborundum

MissDreg said...

Well, some of the photos you post on Photo of the Day have some curious website addresses posted to them; follow them at your peril!

Whilst the images are not imappropriate, the sites listed on them do take you to sites with some less reputable images. Apart from those (very few) images, it's an enjoyable site