Sunday, March 07, 2010

Nudist Photos of the Day 03/07/10


Anonymous said...

Interesting set of pictures. Quite a few have been cut and pasted. Different heads put on bodies, bodies cut and put in different backgrounds. I guess its better than pixeling out the faces or putting black bars across the face. Just interesting to see photo modifications in these vintage photos.

Dick Flaccid said...

Anonymous: I don't know what you're smoking, but it's either too much or not enough.

None of these photos have evidence of tampering with, and since most are from magazines published way before Photoshop was even a glint in someones eye then it would be easier to spot airbrushing and tampering.

So, why don't you just go back to being a troll somewhere else, mkay?

Anonymous said...

Some of the people do look like they're composited onto an outdoor scene. Look at the golfer one again. Also the one with the horse. Perhaps it's an aging effect with the original negative or an old print.

Nick (not the original poster)

Anonymous said...

I'm very surprise to have been jumped so hard for a simple technical observation.
First of all, I very much like this site and enjoy looking at the photos of the day. These are no exception.
Second of all, photo modification was done long before Photoshop was invented or computers for that matter. Where do you think Adobe got the idea for their product?
Nick, Thank you for your support. There are a couple more that seem to show obvious cut and paste handling. Look carefully at the head and face of the second pic (lady in water). The face doesn't look like the rest of the photo.
Keep up the good work on this site.