Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lupin Lodge in Erotic Lifestyles Controversy

In the last week there has been a buzz on some Internet discussion groups about Lupin Lodge in Los Gatos, California, and the fact that two erotic lifestyle groups were planning on holding their meetings at the clothing-optional club.

Equus Eroticus, a pony play fetish group, posted on their website plans for a "hunt" based at Lupin for September 17-19, 2010.
We will have a large indoor heated play space, outdoor play space, camp space, including cabin and yurt rentals, two hot tubs, a pool, showers, flush toilets, plenty of paved parking, RV hookups, the works. The hunt will happen on top of a wooded hill behind the camp. There are graded paths that should not be too steep for cart pulling, and cars can drive up to the hunt site and park.
Equus Eroticus also claims that all lodging and food costs would be handled by Lupin, and that they might also handle the erotic party registration fees. Their website lists all of Lupin's rates as well as a link to the resort's website.

Another erotic lifestyle group, Masters and Slaves Together Santa Clara County (MAsTSCC), announced that Lupin is their new "home" and were planning their first get-together at the venue for May 23, 2010.
Lupin has graciously offered free entry from 5pm to 12 on site for anyone attending this meeting. Come up early, enjoy the pool, walk in the hills, have dinner at the restaurant (opens at 5 pm), maybe a swim and then attend the 7-9 pm meeting before either pulling out the toys in our yurt or heading over to the hot tubs to enjoy the open sky...Lupin is open and aware of our group, has all their permits and has been around 78 years- we are welcomed with open arms, and hope that your time with us will be a warm, loving environment with leather folk and M/s friends.
There is no mention of these activities on Lupin's website, and they have not responded to my emails seeking further information and clarification. MAsTSCC has also failed to return my messages. Lupin also carries The Naturist Society logo on their home page, and TNS has also failed to respond.

AANR had the following official comment:
I was made aware of these various groups just this week, I did look at their websites and found the content very disturbing. The most disturbing was that these groups had planned on “ambushing” Lupin Lodge and AANR.

I immediately called the club and spoke with the owners, I also sent them any information I was able to find. Of course they were shocked and very annoyed that this was about to befall them, they are very proud of their family-friendly, non-sexual resort.

They thanked the AANR office for catching this, and assured us that there would be extra security at the gate and in the resort. These groups will be turned away and or ejected, and will never be welcome at Lupin Lodge.

Thank you once again for your email and for confirming the intent of these groups.


Terry Justice
Club/Member Liaison

While the lifestyle groups claim that Lupin is welcoming to their members, AANR is claiming that the owners of Lupin are "shocked and very annoyed" and will turn these groups away. Without further information it's unclear if these visits were arranged with the approval of someone at Lupin, or if it truly was an "ambush" as AANR claims. When asked if MAsTSCC was "lying" when they claimed they were welcome with "open arms" at Lupin, Terry Justice did not respond.

Lupin has a very clear statement about overt sexuality at their resort:
Parents can relax knowing that the others in our family environment share their concern for the inviolability of all children. Harassment of any form is prohibited by club agreements. And no one is likely to witness a discomforting situation, for we share a common ethic that the joy of sex remain a private matter between consenting adults. Public eroticism and sexual exploitation are not acceptable at Lupin.
If anyone has further information about these planned activities at Lupin, please email me at

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Elton said...

Lupin Lodge is ran by Monsanto executives? Sounds like it. They make themselves to be safe for families but they are inviting activities that aren't family friendly. (BDSM mostly.)