Friday, November 19, 2010

Rachel McAdams Topfree in 2002 Movie

Via Egotastic comes video and photos of Rachel McAdams enjoying some topfree swimming for a 2002 movie entitled "My Name is Tanino". Normally I don't put a lot of stock in celebrity nudity because it's done for pay, but in this case Ms. McAdams seems to be having so much fun and is so natural with her topfreedom, that the images definitely have some naturist value.
 (Note: This post has been modified to correct information about the film)

Uploaded by EgotasticMedia. - Check out sexy vids. Caution - NSFW!


Marc said...

I will no longer follow this Blog. Egotastic is a porn site that degrades women. You should be ashamed. Stop calling yourself a Nudist cause all you do is post pictures of nude women on your site and view porn. Some of your opinions were worth it but not anymore.

Nudiarist said...

Marc, I agree with you, Egotastic is juvenile and degrading, but that does not mean that the Rachel McAdams video and photos don't have naturist value.

As for the rest of your comments, they are as juvenile as the web site you claim to criticize. Pot, kettle, black my friend.