Monday, November 22, 2010

School Principal Defends Naked Student Farm Video

A group of high school students made a video for a "cabaret night" featuring "two bound and gagged naked women, a nude woman lying bareback on a horse and a half-naked man in a pig pen."

The school principal defended the video, saying "There's nothing wrong with being naked. That's still allowed... These nights are a way for the students to poke fun at themselves and be creative. I think the film is rather nice, actually. No-one is drunk; there is no alcohol, no drugs. It's just a bunch of naked kids having fun."

Now you would think that this story was some sort of satirical spoof, that no high school principal would dare to defend such student nudity. It's no joke, but it didn't happen in the United States, it happened in Sweden.

Had this happened in the United States, the students would have been suspended or even expelled, been subject to arrest for producing pornography, and perhaps even be put on a sex offender list. Outraged parents would be calling for the dismissal of the principal as well as other teachers who were involved in the scandal. No doubt the 24 hour news cycle would be all over the story, and Dr. Phil would be knocking on all of their doors.

I think it's a much happier world when society is more accepting of "a bunch of naked kids having fun."


Ninja Mike said...

I agree completely. Too bad 'Merica isn't sweden. Heard Kesha had a racy performance in Austrailia... I thought they were supposed to be a littl emore okay with nudity but who knows? By my understanding she wasn't wearing much below the belt-it was live so the next day the company that did it issued an apology to all watching. Know anything more about it?

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that this happened in Sweden where nudity is accepted.I sure first thought that this had happened in America.

Here in America people over react just about anything from security to nudity.