Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Century Project Weathers a Storm

Dr. Paul Rapoport chronicles the obsession of Oklahoma State University professer John Foubert with Frank Cordelle's "The Century Project".
Although images of nudity may occasionally surprise, confuse, or bother some people, and individuals may misuse some, naturists need to oppose the claim that the existence or viewing of such images causes or increases sexual violence or crime. Countering it may be a tough task. But the mythology and censorship surrounding nudity, especially the non-sexualized variety in naturism, are large and hysterical, and as disturbing as John Foubert’s fabrications and bullying.
You can read Dr. Rapoport's full article here, published in the latest issue of "Nude and Natural" magazine.

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Lynn said...

I find this article very disturbing. I interviewed Frank Cordelle extensively for an article in the AANR Bulletin and subsequently submitted the interview as a college paper. Everyone who read about The Century Project, including myself, found the photography beautiful and the stories by the women inspiring. We sold the book at AANR until the copies were sold out. He also appeared at the Florida university I attended years earlier to great acclaim.

The Century Project underscores one of the basic tenets of nudism and naturism--the path to body acceptance. Frank Cordelle is to be applauded for his groundbreaking work, not censored for it.