Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day at the Beach - Naturist vs. Textile


Elton said...


That's a bit biased, but it's basically true. Number 1, nudists tend to have more fun at the beach than clothed people.

While I was at a clothing-required water park, it was more fun to look at what the girls were wearing than to enjoy the park. If we were nude, it wouldn't have mattered. We'd all would have fun with the initial nutty reaction killed. Nudists are much more relaxed and willing to have fun.

However, I still think your photo is biased to a certain point of view: but . . . sometimes some stark comparisons is supposed to make people think about it.

Nudiarist said...

Of course it's biased - I'm a nudist!

Tom Roark said...

I think it's a good juxtaposition, since the 1911 photo was taken contemporary with the early days of nudism. Richard Ungewitter published "Nakedness" (Die Nackheit) in 1905, and Freilichtpark opened about the same time.