Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Body Armor

Pauline Millard has a piece up on the Huffington Post where she talks about her travails in selecting a bathing suit.
Natural ones (breasts), on the other hand, need a little more engineering. That engineering, however, is almost always absent from bathing suits. Most women will say they don't want an underwire in their bathing suit, but considering the alternatives, I encourage all the hardware I can get. After failing at The Gap, I headed over to Macy's thinking that a department store might have a better selection. I tossed about five different suits over my arms and tried them on. The cute, halter tankini, again, didn't even offer extra elastic. A pretty green bikini gaped open and left little to the imagination. Other suits didn't have enough fabric or they made my breasts look like a giant shelf of flesh.
Pauline, are you going swimming or are you going on a drive through Baghdad? I read things like this and I just want to scream. Engineering? Underwire? Shelf of flesh? Bathing suits have got to be the stupidest invention ever, and poor Pauline is a slave to the fashion industry and the unrealistic body image it promotes. The U.S. is way overdue for topfreedom on beaches.

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