Sunday, December 02, 2007

The Sunday Newds 12/2/07

  • Jessica Alba is a sexy prude. []
  • A group of Southampton students are the latest in a long line of Brits getting naked for charity calendars. []
  • Two best friends are preparing to row across the Atlantic Ocean - naked. []
  • Two celebrities recently seen celebrating topfreedom are Kate Moss and Lily Allen.
  • A Bahraini mother has lost an appeal against a 6 month jail sentence for appearing in a "topless video" found on a cell phone. []
  • A columnist wonders why we show outrage at the treatment of women in Saudi Arabia when our own American society still treats women as sex objects. []
  • Zoning codes in Albuquerque may mean censorship for an erotic film festival. []
  • Is there a nude double-standard in Hollywood? []
  • Victoria Beckham's nude image will appear on t-shirts to raise money for skin cancer awareness. []
  • Nude art is undergoing a renaissance in Australia. []
  • The Victoria's Secret Fashion show is the sexiest night on television "within the realm of standards". []
  • A woman received an "eyeful of porn" by accident on her cell phone. As it came across, she blurted, "Oh my gosh!" That piqued the interest of her boss, who was walking by. Still shocked, Lisa showed the photo to the boss, who echoed, "Oh my gosh!" []
  • The current modestly movements are missing the point that abuse is not an act of passion, but one of power and aggression. []
  • What compels an artist to paint images of hockey players in the nude? []
  • A group of South African women are painting plates with their breasts to raise money for charity. []
  • 64 year-old Sharon Gless is looking forward to baring her breasts on an upcoming episode of "Nip & Tuck". []
  • A blogger concludes that naturism is for ugly people. []
  • Christina Aguilera is pregnant, naked and proud in the January 2008 issue of Marie Claire. []
  • People reveal their phobias regarding nakedness in gym locker rooms. []
  • A TV station runs a profile on Tucson's only nude resort. []
  • Truck mechanic by day; nude model by night. []
  • Our body obsessed culture has now spawned the belly button makeover. []
  • A radio DJ will skydive in the nude to raise money for a children's charity. []
  • Kim Kardashian claims that she posed nude in Playboy to "help girls". []
  • "Futurama" is back with a show about nudist aliens. []
  • Mr. Skin has named the top 20 nude scenes in 2007 movies. []

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