Sunday, December 09, 2007

The Sunday Newds 12/9/07

  • The Brevard County Sheriff's Office is cracking down on nude sunbathers at Florida's traditionally clothing-optional Playalinda beach. []
  • A painting of a nude woman was removed from a New Zealand cafe after its "graphic nature" offended some customers. The artist, who is a naturist, said, "It's a bit of a laugh, really. This is just a well put-together painting of a beautiful lady." []
  • Sarasota County has hired an "anti-nudity expert" as it prepares to go to war over a pending federal lawsuit by combining two ordinances into one. []
  • The identities of the nude children on the cover of Led Zeppelin's "Houses of the Holy" have been revealed. Stefan Gates said. "Although it's just my naked behind you can see, perhaps being a part of something like that at a young age made me seek out more ambitious and adventurous experiences." []
  • Sienna Miller has won her invasion of privacy case for nude photos taken on the set of her new movie "Hippie Hippie Shake", even though millions of people will see her nude on the big screen when the film is released. [] In a related story, Tiger Woods' wife Erin has won a lawsuit against an Irish magazine that printed fake nude photos of the golfer's wife. []
  • Newfoundland comedian Mary Walsh is looking for 500 people to pose nude for a film project, but "concerned residents" have been calling the local police voicing their objections. []
  • Eva Mendes is the latest celebrity to pose nude for PETA's anti-fur campaign. []
  • A Grand Rapids anti-nudity ordinance is scheduled to go before a federal appeals court in January to determine its constitutionality. []
  • Senator Ted Stevens (R-Alaska) is urging the Senate to approve a bill giving the FCC ultimate power in censoring television programming because the "American public should be able to expect that they will not be barraged with unexpected indecent material, whether it is through an image or a word.” []
  • Keira Knightley has admitted that she is on her way to becoming a nudist. []
  • Carrie Underwood will stay covered up because "nobody wants to see can be intelligent, sexy and not have boobs everywhere." []
  • A Muslim woman has filed a federal lawsuit because she felt "naked and exposed" when her headscarf was removed for security reasons when she was arrested for riding on a commuter train without a ticket. []
  • A 53 year-old New Jersey artist will remove all of his clothes during a painting demonstration to celebrate his eight years in the arts district. []
  • 13 female athletes in their 40s and 50s have posed nude for a calendar to raise money for breast cancer charities.
    At first, equestrian Colleen Fisher said no way. But when her friend Lund rode the Seattle-to-Portland bike race while undergoing chemo, she changed her mind.

    "If she could do that, then I could pose naked," said Fisher, 51, who rides bareback as October's calendar girl. []
  • Does the Texas "titty tax" violate the First Amendment and state tax codes? []
  • A Utah company that edits nude scenes out of films is going out of business because of copyright violations.
    "I've never rented from anywhere else," said Devin Sims of Lindon, who came with three of his five children to get the Pirates present. "There are plenty of movie stores from our house to here. But it's worth driving down here. You know you can take (a movie) home and have a good, wholesome family film." []
  • About 100 University of Vermont students ran naked in Burlington while a thousand more cheered them on in the 20 degree weather.
    "It's especially funny when you see someone you know and then you see them in the final next week," (senior Brandon) Watts said. "It's like, hey, whoever you are, I've seen you naked." []
  • And while it's still legal for the students in Burlington to run naked, they won't be able to do it in Brattleboro, which finally passed its anti-nudity ordinance after a year of hand-wringing. []
  • A former art teacher is protesting a painting at the Raymondsville Historical Center which depicts naked shipwreck survivors, calling it "pornography". []
  • A Pittsfield woman has filed a petition to designate an area on Onota Lake for topfree sunbathing, and she has the support of at least 50 other residents. []
  • Dear Abby: My landlord is a nudist. []
  • About one-third of young Australians list "body image" as their biggest concern, ahead of family problems, suicide, and study issues. []
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