Wednesday, February 17, 2010

An appeal for help re: Steve Gough (The Naked Rambler)

Steve Gough has been sentenced to another 21 months in prison, which will make it 8 years by the time he comes up for release again. And for what? Something which is legal (i.e. inoffensive nudity in a public place), and refusing to take the Scottish Police & Judiciary's bullying on the matter. Whatever your views on Steve's strategy, you have to ask how proportionate The Establishment's reaction to this is, and question this vast waste of public money.

Steve has asked me to see if anyone will come forward to help with some advice or guidance on two issues:

Firstly he writes "What is the next step if I have exhausted all the complaints procedure within the prison service, including writing to the prisons Minister? This is to do with me not getting full medical treatment, including getting to see [a] dentist. Remember , I'm representing myself. It could be as simple as asking for forms from the local Courts, as I presume it must start there (Perth Courts). I can't seem to get a simple answer from anyone. I have written to local universities, asked solicitors, yet I still haven't got a clue what the answer is." If anyone can help, either contact me or direct to Steve (see later).

Secondly, after writing about his plans to appeal as far as he can in the UK, he adds "If no joy there, then it will have to be a petition to the Human Rights Courts at Strasbourg." If there is anyone who can advise him on that, please get in touch either with me, or Steve direct, by writing to:

Stephen Gough,
Prisoner No. 81590
Segregation Unit
HMP Perth
3 Edinburgh Road
PERTH, Scotland.
Duncan Heenan


Nicky said...

Here's my question, why in the world should we help someone who continues to be an embarrassment to Nudist everywhere. Why should we help someone who continues to make nudity look very bad and gives nudity a black eye. Think about that because Steve Gough in my view is making nudist every where look bad because of his antics and behavior.

Nudiarist said...

Stephen Gough is not the ideal poster child naturism is looking for, but his political persecution by authorities is a threat to nudists and naturists everywhere. Everyone with a vested interest in freedom and civil liberties needs to stand up for Stephen Gough.

Elton said...

There isn't really any advice I can give to Stephen. However, he might want to visualize a positive scenario.

Elton said...

Question: Who or what is the ideal poster child naturism wants?

Arturios said...

Sorry for my English (google translate).

This article is in Spanish, discusses the nakedness and human rights:

Arturios said...