Wednesday, February 24, 2010

One Arrest Reported in TNS Delray Beach Incident

NBC News in Miami is reporting that one arrest has been made for the incident involving 10 naturists getting naked on public Delray Beach.
One man involved in the nude display has already been arrested, and it sounds like there could be more busts for indecent exposure.

The man who was arrested, David Armstrong, said Delray needs to give peace a chance.

"There's a bunch of us lying there and we're doing a peace sign," Armstrong told WPEC. "They fear us, they think we're freaks."
Freak is as freak does.

David Armstrong is an area representative for The Naturist Society in Palm Beach County, and a member of South Florida Free Beaches and other organizations. He was arrested on May 11 of 2009 for disorderly conduct on Delray Beach and was found not guilty on November 15. (source here)

Armstrong proposed a nude beach back in early 2008 but was laughed at by city officials.

The NBC story also reports, somewhat sensationally, that local police are "in a tizzy" and that local residents, including the vice mayor, don't want a nude beach in their community.

More brilliant public relations from The Naturist Society. Members need to demand a statement of explanation from the organizer of this fiasco.

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