Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Nudist Photos of the Day 05/12/10


Grant said...

Why all the photos of naked women (as opposed to a more equal number of men and women).

Perhaps you agree with Elaine on the infamous Seinfeld episode "The Apology".

If you don't remember Elaine says this about the difference between male and female nudity.

"Jerry: Well, I was walking around naked in front of Melissa the other day--

Elaine: Whoa! Walking around naked? Ahh... that is not a good look for a man.

George: Why not? It's a good look for a woman.

Elaine: Well, the female body is a... work of art. The male body is utilitarian, it's for gettin' around, like a jeep.

Jerry: So you don't think it's attractive?

Elaine: It's hideous. The hair, the... the lumpiness. It's simian.

George: Well, some women like it.

Elaine: Mmm. Sickies."

It sure seems that your preference is for the female nude as opposed to the male. Perhaps some of that is due to you being a male heterosexual. But still one wonders why there is such a disparity between female nudes and male nudes on your "nudist photos of the day"

By the way here's the video of the episode i am talking about. Perhaps you can post the video not to agree with it but to generate discussion because it seems, if not your opinion, indeed it is the opinion of a great number of people in society.

Here is a transcript of the episode.

At the end of the show Jerry's girlfriend (who herself had been going around nude the entire episode) upon seeing Jerry naked pictures Jerry as some ape like Neanderthal. Jerry said that he finally had to break up with her because "we couldn't carry on a conversation. I kept trying to picture her naked, she kept trying to NOT picture me naked."

So, women nude "piece of art". Men nude "simian". The over emphasize upon nude females on your "nudist photos of the day" seems like you concur with that assessment, if only subconsciously.

Nudiarist said...


Yeah, yeah, everyone knows the "good naked - bad naked" episode of Seinfeld.

Look, this argument has been beaten to death. You obviously do not read this blog on a regular basis because on some days we feature all men, some days couples, some days groups, some days women, etc.

On this particular day we featured women who were dipping their toes in the water. Yesterday it was nudist women wearing hats.

Just get over it. There are just a lot more photos of women in the nude, even in museums. The nude female form is probably the most popular subject in the history of art and photography.

To make the absurd assessment that I consider the male nude "simian", in light of all the male nudes I've presented, including my own image, just shows that you are not a regular reader and only looking for an argument.

Grant said...

"There are just a lot more photos of women in the nude, even in museums. The nude female form is probably the most popular subject in the history of art and photography."

And why is that? I mean as opposed to nude males?

Nudiarist said...

Why is that? Are you serious? Look, there is nothing wrong with the male form, it is also widely depicted in art through the ages, but it is the female form which has dominated.

Look, do your own research to dig deeper into this, but suffice it to say that both men and women have generally found the female form to be more aesthetic than the male.

Grant said...

So it does sound like you agree with Elaine.

Nudiarist said...

Elaine is a fictional character. I really prefer to deal with reality on these issues, but suit yourself.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a homosexual man not getting what he wants. Sad... he needs to go look elsewhere. Keep up the great work!!