Friday, May 14, 2010

Pasco Attorney Warns Caliente About Sex Parties

Breaking story. I can now confirm that on April 29, 2010, Caliente Tampa clothing optional resort received a "cease and desist" letter from Debra M. Zampetti, Zoning/Code Compliance Administrator for Pasco County, warning about allegations of offering "performances" which "feature sexual activity and/or the anatomical areas" in return for a fee. When contacted today by email, Ms. Zampetti confirmed the letter, and added, "A few months ago we had a meeting with several folks that lived in Caliente, and there was discussion about some of the conduct that was taking place that could be regarded as violations of the SOB (Sexually Oriented Business) ordinance."

In the letter, which Caliente is to consider a formal warning, Zampetti stated that if Pasco is "provided evidence of such violation in the future, the county will seek an injunction to stop further violations of the zoning code, issue a citation and fine, or make use of other available legal remedies."

I am seeking further information on this situation and hopefully will have more to report soon. Anyone reading this who has knowledge of this letter is encouraged to email me as soon as possible.


Elton said...

Nudiarist, isn't Caliente becoming more of a swinger's resort to cater to younger people?

Nudiarist said...


What Caliente is apparently doing goes far beyond merely trying to cater to a younger crowd. Stay tuned to this blog for more about this story in the coming weeks.

Brad Fults said...

I won't jump the gun and claim to be right without all of the details out, but if this story does end up being true, I think there may be some re-evaluations in order with regard to your previous comments on an AANR ratings system for "adult-only" clubs. Specifically, you argued that nothing sexual takes place in the open or is endorsed at such clubs as Caliente.

I think we had mismatched understandings of what these clubs actually harbored, which led to different conclusions and recommendations. My post on the subject was written with the assumption that Caliente and others were actually conducting sex-related events and were turning a blind eye to, if not condoning, sexual behavior in the open.

Nudiarist said...


In my endorsement of a rating system, I specifically noted that I was not advocating open sexual conduct, only a clear definition of what is adult nude recreation versus what is family nude recreation. Caliente has a stated policy against overt sexual behavior, but apparently there is some evidence that they are not enforcing their own rules. Again, this is a developing story and I am working to get more facts before I comment any further on the details.

There is a whole other side of this issue relating to AANR and it's possible abandonment of its members at Caliente at the same time it abandoned the club itself. It's a very ugly situation.

Anonymous said...

Caliente is NOT becoming a swinger resort.

My wife and I go to Caliente monthly, and we have never seen anything that we have not seen in other clubs. Nor have we seen anything that we haven't seen in clubs in Miami.

Do some people cross the line? I don't know. I do know that security does walk around and make sure no one does anything inappropriate.

Do thing sgo on behind close doors. Yes. They also go on behind closed doors in every subdivision, every condo across America.

Much of what has gone on at Caliente stems back to a few people who don't want to see the world evolve.

I have had much more concern with those at Cali who see nudism as a political statement. I have been chastised for being clothed on premise (I burn real easy - which makes being a nudist tough)by certain residents. I think this is the crux of the issue.

Nudiarist said...

Here are some recent Twitter comments by caliente_josh:

CALIENTE has gone totally LIFESTYLE...Bye Bye Nudists!!...Direct message me on how to book your 5 day / 4 night Getaway!!
12:17 AM Mar 12th via web

Swingers have more fun at CALIENTE!!
12:40 PM Mar 11th via web

Nudiarist said...

Here is a link to a swingers event held recently at Caliente: