Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Daily Newds

  • 800 rooms have been booked at Alton Towers and Splash Landings Hotels by British Naturists for an all-nude holiday weekend in November.
  • A Lutheran Pastor has objected to the public display of a scuplture of 3 nude figures in Loveland, Colorado. "It just doesn't make sense to put it in such a public place where kids can see it," said Pastor Kevin Klug of Abiding Love Lutheran Church. Residents and their children, particularly students, can't avoid getting a good look at the sculpture, Klug said. Better get the Bible re-edited for kids, too, and remove all those naked Adam and Eve references.
  • Bronze figures of beautiful nude women are set to replace ugly garden gnomes as landscaping adornments.
  • 5000 people gather in Orange County, California, to moon a passing train.
  • Real Estate prices are booming at Florida nudist resorts.
  • Burlesque is back in New York City.

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