Monday, July 17, 2006

The Daily Newds

  • Brigham Young University has censored an exhibit by illustrator Burton Silverman to eliminate nude studies. In the past, BYU refused to show Rodin's "The Kiss" due to a "lack of dignity".
  • Nude sunbathers on Privates Beach in Santa Cruz were out enjoying the summer. "I just don't like to have clothes on," said Capitola resident Julie Davis, who's been going to the beach for 20 years...This spot is my home. We have a real family here. We take a lot of pride in the community."
  • Nude hiking is rising in popularity in the Yukon and Northwest Territories.
  • A poll taken in a region of Australia shows 80% support for an official nude beach.
  • The Bluenose Naturist Club in Nova Scotia celebrates the wholesomeness of the human body.

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