Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Daily Newds

  • The controversy continues in Loveland, Colorado, over a public sculpture of three nude figures. A local church group has objected because it feels the work is "inappropriate" but fails to cite specific reasons in support of the position. The naysayers are in the minority. "Sometimes it's tough to get people to say exactly what the issue is," said Suzanne Janssen, business service coordinator for Loveland's Cultural Services Department and liaison to the Visual Arts Commission.
  • Local lawmakers in the UK are considering a ban on shirtless men. What's next? Burkhas for the women?
  • Giving nudity a bad name department: In Wisconsin, police are looking for a flasher. In the UK, a naturist has been found guilty of harassing a woman. In Ireland, tourists report groups of men performing sex acts on a beach.
  • Why do we wear clothes? History suggests that textiles were invented to protect the body, not to cover up for modesty. In hot, humid climates, clothing was not a consideration until Victorian missionaries spread biblical shame. Anthropological studies show that children who grow up in societies where nudity is accepted have less anxiety and trepidation when it comes to sex. Nudity is good for you.
  • In London, 200 people will compete for the World Strip Poker Championship.
  • Kathleen Turner on nudity: "In this country, we're tremendous hypocrites, for one thing. We'll take a pretty naked women to sell beer or a car. But put an older woman naked on stage for 20-some seconds, and the uproar is extraordinary, you know..."

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