Saturday, July 22, 2006

Why I Do Post Photos on This Blog

Another naturist blogger has declared that he will not post photos on his blog, and that's perfectly OK, but I disagree. Let me take this point by point.

First, he declares that "looking at nude people simply isn't what nudism is about." Well, not entirely, perhaps, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to see the naked human body - it's normal and healthy. One of the problems we have in this society is that we only see the naked body in sexual situations. Seeing naked people doing everyday activities helps to normalize nudity. When you are at a nudist resort it is perfectly OK to see and be seen by others. What is not acceptable is staring, and that is something that is frowned upon in clothed social situations, too.

Another point he makes against nude photos is that they are "not necessary to talk about or explain nudism to someone who's new to the lifestyle". I disagree. Nudist groups have been promoting themselves with photographs for years. And why? Because one photo of a happy nudist does more to explain the lifestyle than any number of words. Virtually all nudist/naturist photos show smiling people. It's simply fun to be naked, and there is nothing wrong with that.

The blogger has made a personal decision, and I respect that. Certainly there are web sites out there that profess to be nudist or naturist, but are in fact appealing only to prurient interests. Personally, I find true naturist photos to be far less sexual than anything in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. It's important to portray nudism/naturism in a frank, honest manner, through both words and pictures, and only then can we de-mystify and de-sexualize the lifestyle and open up society to be more understanding and accepting.

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