Monday, April 07, 2008

True Stories of Nude Living

The Sun today has a decent article containing three true stories of people having nude life experiences. The first story is from a life artist who decided to have a nude bachelorette party, the third is from a woman who decided to have a naked party for her 24th birthday, but the one that rings truest is the second story about the plus-size couple who found each other online and live the naturist lifestyle.
Clive donned a white waistcoat, but down below, he was starkers.

All of our 120 guests were naked, too, apart from hats and shoes.

I was honoured so many people had really thrown themselves into the spirit of the day.
Stories like these give me hope that people are beginning to shed some of their inhibitions about their bodies. At least they are in the UK.

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its sad to see the world constricte in so many ways and clothes being one constriction