Sunday, July 19, 2009

Civil Disobedience

Naturists say that they will defy the California Department of Parks and Recreation ban on nudity at San Onofre Beach.
Craig and Beverley Presley of San Clemente said they were both disappointed with the latest court ruling. They have come to Trail 6 for years and plan to keep visiting the beach nude, no matter how the case is settled.

"When I get a ticket, I get a ticket," Craig Presley said.

"This," Beverley Presley said, "is our weekend away from the kids."
Ultimately it will be civil disobedience which will bring nudity back to San Onofre. The NAC can fight the DPR until Doomsday, but until the public rises up and demands the freedom of a clothing-optional beach, no lawsuit will effect true social change.

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