Monday, July 20, 2009

I Told You So

A report in the San Francisco Chronicle suggests that the California Department of Parks and Recreation ban on nudity will not stop at San Onofre beach.
...the ruling overturned a 30-year-old policy that had allowed sunbathers and swimmers to bask unclothed in isolated sections of state beaches from San Diego to Eureka. Park rangers intervened only if someone complained, and then would merely tell the nudist to don a swimsuit or leave.

The ruling doesn't apply to federal parkland such as the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, which includes San Francisco's North Baker Beach and several other Bay Area sites frequented by the unclad, or private land such as a portion of Muir Beach in Marin County. The National Park Service does not prohibit nudity on its land, said Chris Powell, spokeswoman for the national recreation area.

But some popular clothing-optional state beaches such as Gray Whale Cove south of Pacifica and Red Rock Beach in Mount Tamalpais State Park will be affected.
As I've warned, the DPR simply cannot be trusted. AANR is looking more and more like the fool in this whole fiasco. The NAC has no choice now but to seek further litigation to keep these beaches clothing-optional.

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