Monday, July 13, 2009

The Other Side of Sanity

Wow. I just got finished reading this article by "Devvy", who basically wants the whole sexual revolution of the fifties and sixties rolled back to the Dark Ages.
Millions of mothers in this country condone their daughters walking around at the age of 13 dressed like hookers because they were part of the sexual revolution. Yesterday at PetsMart I was walking behind a mother and her daughter. This girl couldn't have been over 14, but the denim miniskirt she was wearing barely covered the bottom of her rear end. I thought: What is her mother thinking? Do these women ever turn on the news and see the almost weekly snatching of young girls in broad daylight; their raped and murdered bodies found a week later in some ditch or never found at all? Allowing a young girl to wear such promiscuous clothing is like a magnet to the sexual predators roaming the streets of our cities and towns. When my daughter was that age there was no way she was allowed to walk around looking like a working girl.
Devvy is basically blaming women for their own rapes.

Her rant goes on to attack pornography, "Bruno", Playboy, Kinsey, condoms, swimsuits, sexual education, eventually calling for a boycott of anything peddling "filth", and legislation against immorality.

People have spent thousands of years trying to bottle up sexuality. It doesn't work. You want to really protect "the children?" Talk to them about sexuality, teach them about their own bodies, warn them about the downsides of sexual excess. This is a parenting issue, not a case for more government intervention into our private lives.

While Devvy does not attack nudism directly, it's obvious that she supports modestly to the nth degree, calling swimsuits "nothing more than soft porn with the vagina and breasts barely covered." It is this irrational fear of sexuality which is behind the North Carolina attempt to regulate nudist resorts. Never mind the facts, never mind the freedoms entitled to all Americans, just forge ahead with fear-mongering and a self-righteousness to attack people who are doing no harm to anybody. These people are like the Taliban, willing to cover up women in birkas and murder homosexuals in order to further their own religious zealotry.

Devvy sums up with the following Nostradamus-like prediction: "Today's children are tomorrow's society." Yes, Devvy, they are. We believe that children are the future, the child is father to the man, teach your children well, etc. It's always about "the children", but there is only empty rhetoric in these Christianist attacks, using words and phrases like filth, danger, moral breakdown, sexual deviant, sodomite, perverts, predators, repulsive, scarred for life, and exploit, but not one fact or figure to support the argument, no research, no examples. Astoundingly, Devvy calls for legislation to change laws, but does not say which laws, or how they should be changed, or if such changes would be Constitutional.

The Christianists are losing the culture wars. Over the past few decades, gay and lesbian Americans have survived attempts to bar them from meaningful employment, and now same-sex marriage appears to be on the brink of national acceptance. Abortion is still a hot-button issue, but a woman's right to choose should be legally protected for the foreseeable future. About the only issue left with which rouse the rabble is sexuality, and it's perceived "dangers" to children.

When faced with legislation "protecting" children, such as the criminalization of teen sexting, age restrictions at nudist resorts, keeping sex offenders from living within a half-mile of a school, ordinances against public nudity, the closing of clothing-optional beaches, or the over-regulation of strip clubs, politicians will always err on the side of caution.

Beware this latest salvo in the culture wars.

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