Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"So we can all get along"

An article in the San Diego Union-Tribune quotes California state parks spokesperson Roy Stearns on the San Onofre beach situation.
“Hopefully, people will understand and comply,” Stearns said. “We don't want to
assle people if we don't have to. Our thought is there is a law that says no nudity, and that applies to public land where we feel there should be some common rules of conduct that all of us subscribe to so we can all get along.”
Understand? Thought?" We feel?" What kind of language is this? Either there is a law or there isn't. Nudity is either allowed or it isn't. People are going to be fined, or they aren't. Allen Baylis is right when he says the public deserves to have the rules clarified.

This isn't about "getting along", it's about the law. People have been "getting along" for thirty years sunbathing in the nude at San Onofre, it's the Department of Parks and Recreation which has upset the apple cart.

ALL nudists and naturists need to be furious over this situation in California (and this means you AANR and all of your members) and get united in an effort to restore clothes-free rights on California state beaches. This is the big one, folks, and it's going to require money, protest, civil disobedience, and great numbers of people. AANR and TNS and the NAC all need to "get along", starting today.


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