Thursday, January 07, 2010

Freakin' Idiot

Ohio State Representative Ron Maag wants to turn all minors into criminals.
House Bill 132 would make “the creation, exchange and possession of nude materials between minors by a telecommunications device” a first-degree misdemeanor. A felony charge would not be ruled out, Maag said in a press statement, but reserved for cases where the true intent is malicious.


Delfin Amante said...

This guy is a shrewd politician! Currently it isn't addressed in state law, so he claims that the youth of his state COULD be charged with a felony. That's his justification for passing a law that makes it a misdemeanor. Why not pass a law that does not make it illegal???

Nudiarist said...

Teens are engaging in all sorts of creative sex - oral, anal, group,etc., but all anyone is worried about is some photos. It truly is a form of mass insanity, where people deal with a problem by simply creating another. What's worse - a nude photo of a teen, or a teen in jail? Any sane and objective person would conclude that the photo is clearly the lesser of two evils.

Anonymous said...

I bet as a teen he saw his share if NUDE FEMALES GIRLS. I know I did. Many were famly members.
It was no big deal then to be seen naked.

Like I said just another FILL GOOD LAW that will no do anything.

Mike said...

Upon watching it for a second time, it sounds almost as if what he's suggesting they add is *specifically for* avoidance of minors becoming felons / "sex offenders", i.e. as just a reduction in severity. If this is the true and whole motive it seems like a good idea.

On the other hand - since when is "nude material of a minor" a felony with a sex offense label? Last I checked, material had to be actually pornographic for that to be true, which is not the case with simple nude imagery.