Friday, January 29, 2010

Nudist Photos of the Day 01/29/10


Anonymous said...

Naturist poem

Oh that would be good
live in communion
the whole earth and the
Love was greater

What good would it
the mandatory nature
uniting humanity
and Love fill your heart

Oh that would be good
man dismiss
your inner lion
and your heart open
and untie your bonds

Oh that would be good
instead of death had
flowers. instead of war
pumps happiness
rancor fall apart
and joy is mirrored

Only naturalist who sees the other as a picture of yourself
Nature and the great mother of us all

We're happy only man who owns him,
maybe tomorrow can be more natural today
and that the world less Equitable yesterday today

Perhaps Gaia wake up and bring us only good and only the forward

Perhaps the world would be better tomorrow
Perhaps the world was more Naturist

Anonymous said...

Great! Now your using photos from those "hairy hippie" sites.

jim707 said...

It's 10 degrees F with wind chill of 0. Keep the pictures cioming while I wait for warmer weather..