Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Get over it already nudists!

Rebecca Ammon of The Daily Loaf tells nudists it's high time to accept the fact that swingers are part of the lifestyle.
Most nudists don’t want to associate their lifestyle with swingers. Being a nudist doesn’t make you a swinger, and being a swinger doesn’t make you a nudist. I enjoy being nude myself, but only in the bedroom and not while drinking at a club or playing tennis. The only reason swingers have flocked to nudists resorts is because nudists claim to be a community of open minded people who accept alternative lifestyles. Not all swingers are going to behave inappropriately by having sex on the bar stool next to you, and not all will attempt to pick you up simply because you’re walking around the pool naked. Swingers want to mingle in a safe environment just as nudists do.

The swinger population has brought a substantial amount of business to the community, giving resorts like Caliente a boost during this economic downfall. The fact that this issue is still swirling around the media is disheartening.

Get over it already nudists!
What do you think?


Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that the nudism movement may not continue to grow, unless we can attract new and younger participants. The rest of us seem to be aging considerably and we are not being replaced. My spouse loves attending nude resorts now, but, initially, it took some real persuading to get her to participate. My two strongest arguments was that this place is clothing optional, you don't have to get naked until you become comfortable. The second argument is that there are strict rules prohibiting sexual contact and 'swinging' isn't allowed. Believe me, if she was aware that the resort in question was seeking swingers as customers, we would not be having nude vacations!

Academic Naturist said...

I agree that "not all swingers are going to behave inappropriately". Most know better than to have sex in a public area.

There is a gray area between "nudist" and "swinger" that they find which is technically acceptable in a nudist resort. Some of the edgy things they do include dress sexy, talk about inappropriate topics, invite people to swinger places, be more touchy feely than most, do the YMCA with legs instead of arms (with emphasis on the Y), and put whipped cream on my girlfriend's breasts with the expectation (and encouragement) that I'd lick it off.

They might be accepted and within the rules for most naturist places, but I find them VERY annoying!

Elton said...

Uh, madame,

Get a clue. The whole idea of nudism is enjoying nakedness for its own sake.

Swingers bring all the terrible stereotype about nudism to light. While Polyamory is a good and noble thing, swinging is not. Swinging isn't about Polyamory or monogamy. The reason why they swing is for recreation and not for love.

Nudism and Swinging should be separate. Accepting swingers in our circles doesn't disspel the myths about nudists in particular, it only affirms them. After all, there are nudists who believe that being nude all the time is about sex and only sex; most nudists feel that there is more to nudity than just the physical intimacy.

Swingers disrespect the movement completely and they shouldn't be allowed in family resorts. Unless they promise to behave themselves appropriately and save their sexual proclivities for another time.

Brandon said...

No matter what, people in the United States of America will not tolerate anyone that is different. Yes, swingers are not your average nudist. What does that have anything to do with it? Are these swingers asking for sex while they are at these nudist resorts? Believe it or not, nudist have sex, but they simply do not have it at the resorts. Sex is far too much of an issue in the USA. That should change.

NudistStop said...

I have been a member at two resorts where alternative sexuality advocates (not just swingers) have been allowed membership and have visited other resorts where the same is the case.

In my mind, it really comes down to two distinctions. In the two clubs where I was a member, anybody was accepted, but the rules were clear. This is a nudist club and appropriate behavior is not expected but demanded. In both cases, the nudists and the more sex friendly mingled without issue and the behavior was limited to nude socializing.

That is not to say what might be happening in the tents or huts or trailers around the grounds, but what happens in private, behind closed doors is nobody else's business.

I contrast that with another formerly nudist club that was pretty much overrun by alt sexers. It was often uncomfortable for my girlfriend and I to sit around the pool, given some of the conversations nearby. And the hot tub at night was simply unusable in our opinion due to the conversation and behavior there. Couple that with regular lingerie parties and dirty dancing contests led us to conclude that this was not a satisfactory nudist facility for us.

Yes, nudists and alt sexers can exist in the same facility, but if that facility is a nudist one, then proper nudist behavior should be the ONLY standard.


Brad Fults said...

Private clubs and resorts should be able to enact whatever policy suits them best.

Just as there are golfers who are also pilots, some swingers will also be nudists. That fact doesn't prevent any clubs from being "non-pilot golf clubs" or "non-swinger nudist resorts".

If a nudist resort doesn't care to restrict swingers from visiting or behaving in certain ways, then so be it. Nudism as a concept isn't under any threat by swingers or resorts who accept swingers.

Those clubs that don't want to be a part of the swinger lifestyle can (and will) simply opt out. So long as the public image that nudists project is clear: nudism does not entail or imply a swinger lifestyle, then it's a non-issue.

Anonymous said...

umm no. Swinger should Never be allowed ina nudist resort. Swingers are pervs and immoral.

fatpizzaman said...

The more nudists marginalise themselves, the smaller their movement will become in the future.

Many nudists in America and in my country are from the lower end of the financial spectrum, and it looks like the swinger nudists are the ones with the money who are bringing some fresh custom into the places.

Look at The Grand Barn in Canada for instance. That place is the most open minded nude friendly venue around and has been trading for the last 23 years now and shows no signs of slowing down.

I'm not a swinger nor am I into it. But what consenting adults do provided that nobody gets hurt or injured is their business and is not our right to judge. Leave them alone, they aren't doing any damage to you.

It's the American non-nudists who need to grow up. In several other cultures, recreational sex is considered a non-issue as is social nudity.

People who live in glass houses like nudists should not throw stones.

Edison said...

The issue here is moral judgement: some people are hugely prejudiced swingers. "We don't want those kind of people around here".

Yes, some swingers show demonstrate bad manners. So do some pilots, golfers, doctors, etc. Sad comment on human nature.

We are all sexual beings. We can control our urges. To claim "purity" of nudism is shallow, narrow and offensive.

And it will marginalize nudism. Most resorts in the US are dumpy little facilities struggling to survive. AANR and those that support such a narrow attitude marginalize the movement, isolate themselves from a larger audience, and propagate narrow moral views which only serves to hurt us all.