Thursday, January 21, 2010

Showering With Your Clothes On

It finally happened. A swimming pool in the UK has ordered all bathers to keep their suits on when showering because of complaints that some children were "offended by open nudity".
Local councillor Hugh Bone said the decision was 'ridiculous' and vowed to fight the ban by continuing to showering in the nude.

Grandfather-of-four Hugh said: 'This surely is ridiculous. People should not believe that we are all perverts.

'Boys and men as well as girls and women have always changed in front of each other and this is part of the growing up experience.'

One mother-of-two added: 'We all want our children to be safe but this a step too far. I don't think we should teach them that nudity is something to be ashamed of.

'We are all born naked and have our imperfections. This strikes me as health and safety gone mad.'
Madness is the only word for it. This ridiculous rule was imposed even though "there have never been any incidents" at the recreation center. Once again the human body loses, and shame wins the day.


Elton said...

Oh, the Humanity of it all!!

Why don't the Adults just stop using the pool and go somewhere else. Get the pool to close without patronage?

Anonymous said...

I have seen it here at my gym guys showering with either shorts or underwear on ridiculous.

John Thomas said...

I am shocked and disheartened by this decision by the pool, but this is the same country where the national airline is being sued because they don't allow men to sit next to children they are not related to -- regardless of who else might be sitting next to them in the same row!

Anonymous said...

It's called, Islamification including the type pushed by Fundamental Christians.

Anonymous said...

It's time we all arc up and say,
"enough is enough" with all this political correctness gone mad.