Saturday, February 12, 2011

AANR Currently Investigating "Several" Matters

In an announcement yesterday, AANR President Susan Weaver said that "several" matters were currently being handled by Internal Investigations:
Vice President Mark Hammond, who also serves as AANR's Internal Administration Chair, has been working on several IA matters. While it is never pleasant to receive complaints about clubs, the IA process is in place so that the regions can carry out initial investigations and report their findings to AANR, so they can be dealt with in a just and appropriate manner. As a club owner himself, Mark sets high value on the AANR brand and will work to see that it is upheld.
All nudists and naturists should contact AANR and TNS and let them know that they also want traditional family values upheld at affiliated clubs, especially regarding the current situation at Lupin Lodge. Don't be part of the silent majority, speak up!

Tel: 800-TRY-NUDE
Fax: 407-933-7577

Tel: 800-886-7230
Fax: 920-426-5184


solarity said...

I have to say the phrase "traditional family values" makes the hair stand up on my neck. I am not a traditional family and I do not want my values devalued.

Nudiarist said...

Well of course I am not referring to typical families, but to traditional values which are acceptable to families, such as no overt sexual activity. The traditional idea of nudism is that people of all ages can socialize together in the nude - men, women, children, the elderly.

Nudists and naturist don't care about whether your family is a man and a woman, two men, two women, or whatever.