Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Another AANR Resort Hosts Erotic Fetish Events

In the wake of the recent controversy at Lupin Lodge, the American Association for Nude Recreation has another affiliated club openly marketing to swingers and erotic lifestyles groups.

Caliente Caribe in the Dominican Republic is openly advertising "Naughty Kinky Dominican Domination Group Trip" from March 26 through April 2, 2011, "March Madness Erotica Group Week" for the same time period, "Caliente Spring Swing Erotic Resort Takeover" for April 16 through 23, 2011, "Fetish Fest 2 Paradise Bound Resort Takeover" for June 18-25, 2011, and several other sexually charged events.

Caliente Caribe is listed as an AANR club on the organization's website. The Nudist group bills itself as "the credible voice of reason for nude recreation since 1931" and promises a non-sexual environment whenever a member visits an affiliated club.
Plan to Go Nude! Although some clubs allow visitors to remain clothed while touring the club as a first timer, most clubs expect guests to be "clothed when practical, nude when appropriate." Visitors, as well as members, are required to conduct themselves in a manner that would be considered acceptable at any other public social gathering. There will be people of all ages and backgrounds - families, couples, children, young and old - and they will all have one thing in common…they decided to participate in nude recreation. 
As a first timer, please make this important observation, even though you might anticipate it, a nude environment does not have any special sexual connotation.
On a page entitled "Why Your Membership Matters", AANR boasts of its efforts to "advocate for nude recreation with regular visits to the U.S. Congress and state legislatures to educate lawmakers and staff about nudist concerns", and it works to "protect traditional skinny-dipping spots and nude beaches."

AANR requires its affiliated clubs to adhere to its principles and standards.
The atmosphere of an AANR club is wholesome and friendly. People who enjoy nude recreation distinguish between nudity and sex and keep the two in their proper perspectives. Clubs are careful about who enters their facility and if anyone seems to be there for the wrong reason, they will be asked to leave.
In recent years several affiliated clubs have surrendered their charters so that they could openly market to swingers and other erotic lifestyle groups, which fall outside the traditional definitions of nudism and naturism. Since last May, the California club Lupin Lodge, which has been in existence since 1936, has been involved with a controversy over BDSM groups using its facilities for meetings and "play areas". As of this writing, neither AANR nor The Naturist Society have made any official statements on the status of Lupin as one of their affiliated clubs.

Below are some screen captures of the Caliente Caribe website and some of the groups scheduled to visit this year.


Paul said...

This isn't really anything new for Caliente Caribe. They maintain that they have individual weeks for all sorts of people. One difference is that CC doesn't have permanent residents, like most other places. Whether that's a big enough difference, people have argued about.

Nonetheless, the one annual Nudes-a-Poppin' weekend at Ponderosa in Roselawn, Indiana, was enough to knock it out from naturist support. Was that simply too long ago to affect 2011?

I've long maintained that naturism is directly affected by changes in attitudes towards sexuality. The latter are certainly changing, if not quickly or uniformly. This is a complex topic. While differentiating naturism from sexual activity is essential, in the larger realm, the freedom to have a Dominican domination week may be the same freedom that allows naturism in a variety of ways.

I have yet to figure out the ideal strategy. I must leave that to the strategists. Is saying simply that naturism isn't sexual likely to work well?

I note that one resort near me has no lingerie parties, sex toy evenings, or similar events. It's the one I belong to. Making its attitude a credible theoretical and practical base for naturism is the challenge.

Anonymous said...

These companies are making it extremely hard to show naturism as natural and no sex driven.

John A said...

Wow - the silence is deafening. There may not be any official word yet but rest assured that you have gotten the attention of quite a number of folks.

I just have a couple of comments and I'll keep it at a high level. Some of us may feel (perhaps understandably) that this is one of those times when perhaps the normal processes might be bypassed and that action should be swift and decisive. Perhaps you can think of similar situations in the textile world too. I can't claim that I haven't felt the same way at times myself.

But - and it's a big but (no pun intended) it's the due process that separates us from a totalitarian society. It's the due process that we hope protects the innocent from overzealous law enforcement.

In the case of AANR and the nudist world there are processes in place to keep a potentially innocent business (I'm NOT claiming innocence any person or entity's behalf) from being brought down by a nudist with his or her towel wound too tight. So - in order for an AANR investigation to begin an official complaint must be made by someone willing to attach their name to it and own it. Such an investigation is handled by the appropriate AANR region and a recommendation follows to AANR national.

Maybe that extra layer sounds cumbersome but think of how these United States are organized. The individual states have a certain amount of autonomy but have banded together and agreed on some things for a variety of reasons. Just as the US Government is loathe to play the heavy hand with any individual state so AANR is loathe to step on the regions toes.

Another point that I'll reiterate is that the best way to affect change in a volunteer organization is to step up and volunteer and in the case of AANR to vote.

Lastly I'll say that I for one appreciate the strongly independent voice of Nudiarist because it forces me to do my job better and dig for some answers when I don't have them or keep dinging away if I'm not satisfied with what I hear the first time.

AANR isn't perfect but I can promise you that there a a bunch of folks who are busting their humps to make it better. From where I'm sitting I think some things have gotten better over just the last couple of years. The newly redesigned AANR website is better tuned to the social media, more information has been brought out in front that used to be hidden behind the "member firewall". The user generated stories on the website are wonderful. There are more changes in the works to bring forth the positive messages of nude recreation in better ways. Stay tuned.

In the interest of full disclosure I am currently serve on the AANR-East Board of Directors but my words are my own.

John Andersen aka Clothesbegone

Nudiarist said...


I really appreciate your comments.

As for the "due process", perhaps you are setting the bar too high. There are no crimes here, and no need for law enforcement.

Businesses and organizations make swift decisions every day about who to hire, and who to fire. When a situation like Lupin Lodge or Caliente Caribe crops up, I agree that a fair decision needs to be made, but all that is needed is a preponderance of evidence, which there most certainly is.

And don't forget that AANR has known about the Lupin Lodge situation since last May. As for Caliente Caribe, they are openly flaunting the fact that they are hosting swinger and BDSM events. How much evidence, and how much time is needed to make a decision?

I know it must be painful for AANR to see these clubs going lifestyle, but it's painful for the members, too, who are left wondering about what is happening to traditional family nudism.

I take no pleasure in reporting some of the bad news facing nudists and naturists today, but I feel it's important to face the hard issues head on so that solutions can be found, and we can all do our jobs better.

Mia said...

An S&M show is the last thing I'd expect at a nude resort.