Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Crisis in Nudism and Naturism, and What YOU Can Do

The silence is deafening from AANR and TNS since the recent allegations that Lupin Lodge is hosting BDSM erotic lifestyle groups on its grounds. Both organizations should have been well prepared for this moment, given that the reports of fetish groups infiltrating Lupin surfaced last May.

The loss of Lupin Lodge, a cornerstone of the nudist and naturist movement since 1936, would be devastating. Both AANR and TNS are in negotiations with the California Department of Parks and Recreation for the restoration of clothing-optional status to San Onofre Beach, and for more public lands to be set aside for nude recreation, claiming that nudism and naturism are family friendly and not magnets for overt sexual activity.

How can either group expect to maintain the moral high ground in discussions and legal actions when one of its affiliated clubs in California is hosting sexual fetish events?

AANR has drawn a sharp line in the sand, proclaiming that these "groups will be turned away and or ejected, and will never be welcome at Lupin Lodge."


The Naturist Society is also clear in its stand on sexual activity.
TNS adamantly rejects the use of the term "naturism" as a cover for sexual activity. Naturists do not deny the sexual nature of human beings, but they reject the all too prevalent view in our society that nudity and sex are synonymous, and that children should be "protected" from nudity regardless of context. To repeat: nude is not lewd.

The time is now to let YOUR voice be heard on this issue. Either the national organizations live up to their standards and philosophies, or they turn a blind eye to a situation which threatens the very existence of family nudism.

The discussion about the future of nudism needs to be had. Are the occasional adult events such as the "human fox hunt" or "Nudes-a-Poppin" acceptable at AANR and TNS affiliated clubs as long as they otherwise maintain a family-friendly atmosphere, or are these adult-oriented events grounds for club suspension or expulsion? As of today, the latter is still official policy.

Until that discussion takes place, it appears that AANR and TNS have no choice but to sanction clubs which hold overt sexual events. In the case of Lupin Lodge, it is alleged by the "human fox hunt" people that employees at the venue not only gave complete approval to the fetish events, they worked knowingly to cover it up.

If such an event is acceptable, then why is it not listed on Lupin's calendar, and why did the fox hunt folks remove all references to Lupin from their web site to prevent search engines from finding the information?

Inaction on this issue is a tacit admission that family naturism is a fraud.

It is time for all nudists and naturists to get involved. Contact the leaders of AANR and TNS and let them know how you feel. If you think that such adult activities are unacceptable, then tell them. If you think that adult activities are sometimes acceptable, then tell them. Just don't sit by the sidelines and watch as yet another club falls to the lifestyle crowds.

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Richard said...

When a YMCA or waterpark wants to rent out its facilities to nudists, and the clothes-compulsive get their panties in a twist, nudists see unreasonable prejudice.

A waterpark has the right facilites for a nudist gathering, for what harm does it do any other users if nudists rent it for their private use at a time that does not detract from public use?

It seems to me the same logic applied to Lupin Lodge. If they wish to rent out their facilities, which provide the outdoor space and privacy these rather odd people require, how does that "tarnish" Lupin Lodge any more than rental to nudists "tarnishes" a waterpark?

Consistently won't let you have it both ways.

Nudiarist said...

Richard, as I said, there needs to be a discussion about the future of nudism, which has many problems in a world which is becoming on one hand more sexually liberated, and on the other more protective of children.

The general public already perceives nudism as a sexual activity, and it's impossible for the national orgs to argue against that point of view when people wearing leather with tails up their asses are pulling carts around the grounds of nudist resorts.

AANR and TNS do not own the words "nudism" or "naturism". The offer their own definitions, but resorts like Caliente and Paradise Lakes continue to be equated with the nudist lifestyle in spite of the fact that they no longer have any organizational affiliation.

The issue here is whether or not AANR and TNS are going to live up to their own standards and professed policies, or if they are going to begin accepting more lifestyle groups and resorts into the fold.

Given the hard lines that both groups have laid down for many years, it seems that it would be impossible to simply abandon those principles for the convenience of saving one resort, even if it is Lupin Lodge.

Anonymous said...

Strangely I'm in agreement with you. Naturist organizations can't look the other way, or have it both ways. Either you're a naturist or you're not.

Nudiarist said...

If you are in agreement, then please do something about it. Pass the word, email the orgs, just do something. If there is a single most important issue facing nudists today, this is it.

Uncle Al said...

I'm inclined to agree with the comments posted yesterday (Feb 9) by Tom Mulhall, to wit, let AANR fully investigate the matter before going off half cocked. I respect anything written on this subject by Tom, if only because as a resort owner, he and his wife have had to deal with this issue (sexually oriented and fetish groups using nudist facilities) on an ongoing basis for---let's see---16 years now.