Sunday, January 11, 2009

My Naked Truth

Well, not specifically my naked truth, but the San Francisco blog which contains clips from a public access television show My Naked Truth.

Hosted by the self-styled Gypsy Taub, a leftist activist who runs the blogs Politics from the Heart and Bust the Consensus!, the discussions deal mostly with sex and psychedelic drugs, but everyone is completely nude in the interviews, which makes it noteworthy here.

Setting aside the subject matter, you gotta hand it to Gypsy (and her guests) for putting it all out there. She is, at the very least, fearless.

So, if you can tolerate seeing "John" play with his balls throughout his interview, check out My Naked Truth.

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Anonymous said...

Being a nudist/naturist how can you promote such a show? "John" playing with his balls is definitely not the image of public nudity nudists/naturists want the general public to have.

Nudiarist said...

I'm not "promoting" it, it's just a link, for heavens sake. Plus I added the disclaimer. I don't subsctibe to the philosophies these people espouse, but it's good to see people being so uninhibited. That's all.

Again, to all readers, don't assume that everything I post about is in line with my personal point of view. Sometimes I point out things that are contrary to accepted nudist and naturist philosophies. It's not a difficult concept to grasp.