Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Naturism of Rising Sun Farm in River Falls, Wisconsin

Heavy Table has a wonderful profile here.
Emily’s working half-naked; Christopher’s working naked; Roger’s working naked. A small pang of panic wells-up in my gut — brought on only by me — and I realize that if I don’t lose the denim now, I never will. It’s similar to the feeling of jumping off a cliff with your buddies: You walk to the top, watch them jump into the water, and consider whether it would be less… frightening to just walk back down the rocks. It’s either that or leap.

Taking off my jeans and Jockeys can at first be described by about 1,000 different words, among them: scary, liberating, strange, natural, different, fun. Not that any of those present really cared to know or label the adjective of my experience. I realized then, that at Rising Sun, it’s not about the parsing of clothes that matters, it’s the stripping of judgment.

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